😱Malfunction or Handpay??💰First Spin Jackpot!! Lucky Ducky Free Spinning and Double Top Dollar!

Had a strange experience in today’s session! Did they pay me?

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36 thoughts on “😱Malfunction or Handpay??💰First Spin Jackpot!! Lucky Ducky Free Spinning and Double Top Dollar!”

  1. Take my advice and do not order the Queso dip in any Winstar Casino restaurant. It is the worst goop on earth and makes canned nacho sauce taste like the good stuff. Think powdered cheese that is sub par to powdered eggs.

  2. Thrilled that you went to WINstar on a Saturday eve/night! Great Luck! Greg, listen to Stacey and record everything so we can later enjoy it and like and subscribe to Stacey's channel🥶😃 Happy Easter Week!🐰🐇🔥

  3. Your joke about the switch inside of the machine may be closer than you think. On Class 2 slots like the one that you played (bingo cards), the odds on each machine can be controlled from a computer and changed even while you are on it. Class 3 slots are total RNG and the machine must be turned off to change the odds. I was in Tunica on a class 3 triple diamond machine and had several "substantial" wins including back to back jackpots. When I left the machine and came back a few minutes later, it had been turned off and remained that way all afternoon. It was turned back on later that evening. There are lots of publications on Google about class 2 machines like the one you played today. You should read up on them, if you haven't already. It is quite irritating to know that they can change the odds on that type of machine while you are playing it. You had so many red spins, I'm surprised that they didn't take the machine out back and burn it. This one was fun to watch.

  4. 1 Time the software on the machines was ate up . . .giving the whole casino trouble; jackpotted $ 1,200 on a $ 5 denom max bet 15 hot red ruby; the casino staff literally wrote out the hand pay form by hand.

  5. Look at upper right.both machines.had.just.hit.there.jackpots.before.you.started playing. Remember the Buffalo starts.0ver after it awards a free play at around.1800. Read the.machines…please..

  6. Unbelievable the luck you have stationed in this because you play big and I play Justice same way but I forgot it was Easton I lost last night. More power to you I can't wait to go to Vegas.

  7. If the bells are ringing it means you are winning! I know it annoys people, but not if you are the one winning!!! 🤑
    (And you can’t control the volume on many of those types of machines)

  8. The first offer on that top dollar anything over 50 credits will suggest take offer. It seems the new Diamond RS cabinet version of top dollar has really low offers, I have been playing them lately a lot and not comparable to the OG ones or so it seems.

  9. As soon as I seen the second machine I was like Ih No so volitile!! Then I seen it was a bingo game machine…😅 I wouldn't be able to play there the constant ringing would drive me crazy!🔔🔔🔔

  10. Greg, Greg, Greg….if you didn’t record it, it didn’t happen. We’re all living vicariously through you two so listen to Stacey and record those jackpots. 😊

  11. Wait- circling back to “the reels at Winstar are for entertainment only”? So the whole point becomes the bingo grid? I need further explanation about this place lol

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