$1 MILLION BUYIN!! Tom Dwan, Doug Polk, Nik Airball, Wesley, Handz, Rob Yong – MILLION DOLLAR GAME

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​Executive Producer: Nick Vertucci
Executive Producer: Ryan Feldman
Director: Neve Levy
Head of Video Production: Kyle Ravreby
Audio Technician: Gerry Feldman, David Olivares Jr.
Graphics Technician: Mike Peluso
Video Production Coordinators: Aatmaj Kapoor, Nathan Ramirez
Animation & Graphic Art: Alejandro Indriago
Casino GM: Shaun Yaple
System Engineer: Brett Drolet
Production Coordination: Clint Santiago Dahl
Special Thanks to the Flynt Family

0:00 Countdown

52:45 Dwan V Polk 77 v 54s 1.1M POT

1:40:40 Nik A v Handz 44 v TT 136K POT

1:49:00 Tom Dwan interview about his hand against Polk

2:08:00 Polk v Wesley 76c v 84s 650K POT!

2:25:00 Handz v Wesley 99 v 88 143K POT!

2:31:00 Polk v Hank AKo v TT 4-BET POT

2:42:30 Nik A v Rob KQ v AQ 273K POT!

3:04:00 Polk v Hank 53 v KQ Good bluff by Polk. 138K POT

3:22:00 Polk v Rob ATc v AJo 174K POT

3:35:30 Polk v Hank AA v AJd Can he make the CALL with ACES? 1m+ POT!

3:46:30 Nik A v Rob Q7o v KK 600K POT!

4:12:45 Tom Dwan talking about his bluff against Phil Ivey on HSP

4:32:10 Polk V Handz TT v AKo 110K POT

4:47:20 Nik A v Dwan 96c v KQo 200K POT!

5:01:00 Bob v Rob QQ v AA Unlucky first hand for Bob 🙁 900K POT!

5:42:30 Nik A v Bob KJo v A7o 130K POT!

5:47:10 Doug Polk interview about his hand against Dwan.

5:49:05 Dwan v Wesley KK v J2h 130K POT!

6:12:35 Dwan v Wesley QQ v AKo “Polk: I KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE!” BIGGEST POT 3.1M POT!

6:32:00 Handz v Wesley A4c v A3d 5-BET POT!

6:37:20 Handz v Rob A3c v 42d 400K POT!

6:44:20 Handz v Dwan 87s v AJo 178K POT!

6:58:30 Hank v Wesley 92s v A9o 4-BET Pre-FLOP


8:24:30 Polk v Hanks A5h v A8d 200K POT

9:49:00 Nik A v Bob KQd v TT 500K+ POT!

9:57:00 Nik A v Bob AQo v 56d 700K POT!

10:00:30 Wesley v Rob TT v 89d 170K POT!

10:13:00 Dwan v Rob QQ v QQ 5-Bet pot

10:15:00 Wesley v Hank A7h v QQ 5-BET POT! 2.2M POT!

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30 thoughts on “$1 MILLION BUYIN!! Tom Dwan, Doug Polk, Nik Airball, Wesley, Handz, Rob Yong – MILLION DOLLAR GAME”

  1. i just read a pokerdb article that says airball is paid 800k by HCL. They say this because Vertucci said it. If you listen to him saying it its clearly sarcasm, "sure , we pay nik 800k for appearing each month". The sarcasm was totally missed

  2. 25:35 Start

    36:50 Player Introductions

    38:35 Starting Chip Counts

    Here is the timestamps from Lucky Football, We provide tips for football matches if you are interested.

    44:30 $209K Pot

    52:15: $1.1M Pot

    1:22:10 $361K Pot

    1:59:55 $212K Pot

    2:07:00 $651K Pot

    2:42:25 $273K Pot

    3:34:50 $1.4M Pot

    3:45:30 $665K Pot

    3:51:10 $324K Pot

    4:46:25 $209K Pot

    4:59:10 $929K Pot

    5:25:00 $260K Pot

    6:12:15 $3.1M Pot

    6:30:20 $373K Pot

    6:36:35 $391K Pot

    7:33:50 $303K Pot

    8:23:25 $206K Pot

    9:04:20 $236K Pot

    9:14:20 $350K Pot

    9:20:20 $201K Pot

    9:47:35 $530K Pot

    9:55:40 $730K Pot

    10:09:45 $343K Pot

    10:14:00 $2.2M Pot

    10:47:20 $586K Pot

  3. 2:45:13 Pretty crazy serendiptous moment Doug says "If you have an Ace I think you just gotta just see what I got" he's referring to an older hand in conversation with someone else at the table AT THE EXACT TIME ROB YONG IS SITTING TRYING TO MAKE THE CALL WITH ACE HIGH and at the exact moment Doug says that it just clicks and Rob calls ….. wild

  4. at that 3m pot i believe tom semislowroll at the river. from the moment he call the turn every pro knows they r usually good to call the river. wesley all in was something like 2-1 or 3-1 pot odds to tom so it was an easy call especially when diamond, ace or king didn't came at river so basically nothing change at the river. tom call at the turn was a way also to induce a bluff all in from wesley at river. but at river he tank to call so he would not show his plans that made from the turn😅😅

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