10 Big Drink Package Mistakes NOT to Make on a Cruise

All cruisers want to get the best value and avoid common beverage package mistakes. Cruise drink packages are not cheap! Whether you have a free drink package perk or are thinking about purchasing a drink package on a cruise, these cruise tips will save you money and ensure that you use your drink package well!

This video is full of cruise drink package tips, tricks and mistakes to avoid on a cruise vacation. Great cruise information and advice for new cruisers as well as cruise veterans. If you are cruising with Carnival and the CHEERS package, Royal Caribbean or have Princess Plus or Celebrity’s drink package, this video will help! Information about cruise drink packages.



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24 thoughts on “10 Big Drink Package Mistakes NOT to Make on a Cruise”

  1. Biggest waste of money was the drink package (non alcohol ). It did not include drinks they stuffed our mini fridge with and refused to remove on our request, but had to find very limited certain locations that were only open certain hours, like when I was at a mealtime, or were 3/4 of a mile walking distance. Total scam.

  2. The tone of this vlog is clearly that these beverage charges are reasonable with only a small fraction of the vlog devoted to "those who don't wish to purchase the package." I wish the vlogger would have stressed enough just how unreasonable it is to charge $60-80 for drinking anything beyond water per day plus tips. Are folks aware that at $120 a day for a couple a 16 day cruise is approx. $2000? As well, please pay attention to the innate unhealthiness of such an expensive package—people literally are being motivated to drink alcohol to "get the benefit" out of a drink package. With this very high "beverage package" you are paying as much as you would for a hotel room, just to DRINK :). My very wealthy and very smart brother and his wife instead make sure to bring their own alcohol and stock up on beverages at each port.

  3. I think I'll be buying the drink package since it covers non alcoholic drinks anyway. Insurance IMO so I don't have to calculate every time I have a drink. As far as alcohol goes I heard seven alcoholic beverages a day to break even. You casually drink that throughout a day or have a nice night if you choose to wait for clubbing.

  4. I never get the drink package, simply put… I don't enjoy Alcohol and don't want those high calorie/sugary specialty coffees or non-alcoholic drinks. I prefer to save up my calories for the great restaurants and food. I'm absolutely fine with water or non-sweetened Ice-T. I also prefer not to wait on line at the bar or feel obligated to provide additional tips.. Unless if you truly enjoy drinking, I think the Drink Package is the biggest waste of money while cruising. Even if you would like a drink during dinner and a drink at the club, the cost of 2 drinks per day (which is probably more than most people drink when they are home), is WAY less than what those drink packages are going to cost.

  5. Sorry, but any couple who are paying $80×2 per day, $160, are alcoholics and need to be in rehab. Anyone drinking that much on a cruise has a much higher probability of being drunk and disorderly on the cruise, a nuisance to other passengers. This is more common on loser cruiser lines like Carnival.

  6. I’ve been on 19 cruises and only had the drink package once! It was nice to not have to worry about accumulating a tab at the end of the voyage. If I don’t plan on having at least 5-6 drinks a day EVERYDAY, then it’s not worth it to get the package. I’ve learned to order a bottle of wine on day one and have them store it in the cellar and bring it to me the next night during dinner. And Royal and NCL allow you to bring two bottles to keep in your room. 👍🏽 These tricks allow me to keep my bill low.

  7. The only tip you need is don’t do it!!!!!! It’s a rip off if you do the math you will have to order 5-8 cocktails a day every day of your trip just to break even. I added up the cost for me and me wife @ a 45% discount and we could buy 42 bottles of premium liquor worth $40 a bottle.


    * Those that don't drink much at all(moot point).
    * Drinkers(moot point)
    * And finally those persons that can't quite drink enough to justify the cost of a drink package.

    If you're on the "drink package bubble" consider this. Not all drinks are created equal! While you're buying your $14 a-pop Rum Punch the guy next to you got his for 'free' (seemingly) with his drink package and room key. The other guy has lots of options with his drink. He can guzzle it down, or drink only half of it, or throw it in the trash and try a different drink! Heck, he could care less if he accidentality knocked his glass over.
    You on the other hand have to sip your drink slow, hold onto it tight and keep score of how many drinks you've paid for as you painfully get closer and closer to that magic drink number for the day.
    The other guy is carefree and drinking 'fun' drinks. Meanwhile, you reach the end of your drink and hear that dreaded straw sucking sound. lol The other guy never hears that sound, could care less and never gets to the end of his drink.
    The other guy can't lose his drink but you can sure lose yours. His drink can't get watered down sitting there for 20 minutes, but yours can. No matter what he just gets another drink.
    The other guy solves his drink package dilemma by ordering more drinks as the day draws to a close. You solve your drink package dilemma by walking a 1,000 feet to the free lemonade dispenser on the Lido Deck.
    Hyperbole aside, if you're anywhere even close to drinking enough drinks a day go ahead and bite the bullet and buy the danged package.

  9. We do tend to drink while we are cruising. I keep in mind that for breaking even purposes if u have 6-8 drinks per day you will break even and that not including all the other items that come with the package. We differently purchase the drink package on every cruise we go on for the fact of convenience and it pays in the long run

  10. Who really cares if a couple shares a drink package? Why don't they have a package for couples? Like with Carnival, if they allow up to 15 drinks anyway, and most people would never have 15 drinks a day, what difference does it make if a couple shares? Or have a couple pay just a little bit more for a single package, but why full price.

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