10 Most Unfriendly Cities in the U.S

10 Most Unfriendly Cities in the U.S
Before you relocate, buy a home, or invest in some real estate you should probably look into things like stats, weather, and of course how friendly the locals are to outsiders.
Buying a home or renting in a city where the people suck is never a good time. Today’s video should help you with some of that research.

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46 thoughts on “10 Most Unfriendly Cities in the U.S”

  1. well, just mix some black with your orange outfits and you'll be good to go for halloween !!🤣 the whole LA area gets a big fat A for beeing unfriendly to downright hostile !!! sooo glad i am gone !!! NY city ?? yep, guessed that one !!! just from i've seen and heard over and over over the years ….

  2. I work remotely, and I often deal with clients all over the country through telecommunications. 90% of all rude clients are from the East Coast (New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Georgia)! It’s not just unfriendliness, they always argue with you for no reasons! Those states also have a lot of foreigners, and unfortunately, most foreigners are not very nice either! Some of my worst interactions are with foreigners calling from New Jersey. Every now and then I get to work with clients from Utah, Idaho, and Montana, and they’re the most polite and nicest. Sadly, most of the clients I deal with are from the East Coast. My job actually makes me distrust anyone from the East Coast altogether. Luckily, I live in Colorado and people are much nicer in Colorado! Also, Southern hospitality is a myth! In my job, many of the rudest clients I’ve dealt with are from the South such as Georgia and Alabama. I have contemplated quitting the job just because of the amount of rude people I’ve dealt with from the East Coast! Having lived in Colorado for a long time and traveled to Utah, Montana, and Wyoming, I’ve met the nicest people in my entire life! People are not the most friendly in Colorado, but they’re very polite and kind. East Coast people seem to love confrontations and they are more entitled.

  3. One thing to keep in mind–at least for Boston and NY–is that, when the waiters are rude, the food is usually worth it. (They wouldn't be able to act like that if the food wasn't awesome.)

  4. In many cases, rudeness raises its ugly head on crowded highways. You mentioned LA's 101. I'll match that with I-4 between Orlando and Tampa any day (or night). Plus I-4 is only 6 lanes both ways and is a major truck route. And let's not forget an increase of 1000 new residents EVERY DAY! All of whom bring their odd driving skills from wherever!.

  5. Boston combines the friendliness of Philly with the money of NYC. It's not a nice cocktail. Cool city though. Portland wasn't exactly friendly either. I'd say LA is overall pretty friendly but it's definitely a shallow version.

  6. I was born and raised in New York City and moved to Naples, Florida in 2004 when I was 21 years old. And from my experiences growing up in New York City a lot of people there are rude and unfriendly so I am not surprised that it’s the most unfriendly city in the United States of America. People are so much nicer and friendlier in Naples, Florida than in New York City.

  7. I went to Philly a couple of years ago with a few friends and I was wearing a Cowboys hat 😅. As I was about to enter the Liberty Bell visitor center, I was stopped by a security guard who wouldn’t let me. I asked him why and he pointed my hat 😂. It was all friendly hate though. Philly fans are the most passionate sports fans you could find anywhere in the US (Boston, New York and Chicago are pretty close)

  8. As someone who lived in Boston for nearly 3 years (as an international student), I can 💯% assure you that Boston has some rude people and it deserves to be #1 on the list. There are a lot of good things about Boston but people ain’t one of them 😂😅

  9. I can see that most people who voted in this have probably never visited any of these cities lol. NYC is about the most unfriendly as it is the most dangerous. Meaning, it really isn't. Nobody has time for you derping around and blocking everyone's way on a crowded sidewalk though, but IMO that's the outsiders being RUDE not the New Yorkers who don't take their shit.

    IMO the worst, by absolute far, in unfriendliest cities is Seattle. They'll smile and act friendly, but turn around and ditch you in a heartbeat. It's the coldest place in America, and not the weather.

  10. I lived in Orlando. Thought it was great.
    Disney is barely a tiny dot on the map in the far southwestern corner.
    We actually go years at a time and never think about the Mouse.
    Its a big vibrant city with plenty of nice people.
    Traffic can be overwhelming though.
    Generally speaking if you always encounter mean people it’s because you’re probably sending out those vibes.

  11. Just a heads up: it is much safer to be a Phillies fan in Queens than to be a Mets fan in Philadelphia. It’s also much safer to be Red Sox in the Bronx than a Yankees fan in Boston.

  12. Charlene was right. Never wear any gear with any type of NY logo. As some who lives in the Philly metro area, the rivalry with NY is very real especially when it comes to sports. We're not mean, per se, we're direct.

  13. Hey!!! I am from NJ and I am not rude or unfriendly at all. Stop picking on my home state. That is very rude. We are a very friendly state. People are just jealous since NJ has a lot to offer.

  14. Philadelphia and the Metro area is extremely friendly, as long as you aren't phony and act like yourself. We see through phonies instantly. Florida is the armpit of the US, and New Englanders are snobs

  15. Visit Cheyenne Wyoming! Not that big, but it is at the intersection of I 25 and I 80. People say it’s a real friendly small city, but with so few people around, they are really just lonely.

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