10 Secrets Online Casinos Don't Want You To Know ( in 2023 )

#OnlineCasinos offer the same kind of fun found on Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino floors. But online gaming sites have their own pros and cons you HAVE to know in order to beat the odds and stay safe. Take advice from expert gamblers from and ”turn the tables” on online betting!

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00:00 – Opening
00:35 – Do Your Due Diligence Before Settling for A Casino
01:32 – Read Terms Of Service
02:34 – Advantage Play And Bonus Abuse
04:10 – Check The License
05:20 – KYC Procedure
06:09 – The Reverse Pending Period / Withdrawal Lock / Manual Flushing
07:00 – Multiple Accounts / IP Addresses
08:02 – Record Any And All Correspondence
08:34 – Choose Your Game Wisely
09:53 – Sign Up for VIP Cashback Bonuses
10:45 – Closing

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  1. I Sakcuai1983 New member I like and follow for a long time. Prize-winning activities I like Participated but never won But I'm proud to be a part of the competition. of each period

  2. I recently changed online casinos, I was using Draft Kings and switched to BetMGM. I like to play roulette. I started with $15 on DK Late December 2022. I played with absolutely no problems for a month and was able to turn my $15 into $100. As soon as I got to $100 I started having problems. Bets being cancelled, getting logged out after a win, unable to verify my location, ect ect. After every spin a list of "Winners" scrolls up the left side of the screen. I was only wagering $1 at a time so my wins were very small, I was always on the bottom of the list. Then I heard the dealer give me a "Shout Out" Congratulating me on my win. I won $2, and was on the bottom of the list of 25 other, much bigger winners. Strange right? My next bet was cancelled. I waited an hour or so and went back in to bet some more. Different dealer now, but same thing, I win $2 and get a shout out, then I get logged out due to location check fail. I started paying attention to the names that were scrolling up the screen after every spin. Motherofdragons, Townie, revitup. I withdrew all my money from DK and opened an account on BetMGM, I went into the Live Dealer Roulette room and made a $.50 cent bet, I lost but when the list of winners scrolled up the side of the screen, I saw, Motherofdragons, Townie, and revitup. Anyhow just thought this was a bit strange, thought I'd share.

  3. This was very helpful, and I appreciate the chances to win these contests and now I no a few more new things that I didn't know ,here with lcb ,u literally learn something new everyday,I mm

  4. Don't Gamble. You cant win in online casino. This guys video failed to inform the most important. These is no Online casino. Its simply Most Bad guys from Latvia, Malta. Rented apartments with the rigged Cards for live Game, Roulette is Magnet, and Evolution game provides the support. I have lost Thousand over thousands before finding out this,.. EVEN THIS VIDEO IS A PROPAGANDA. Cos the guy makes it looks like there is actually a Casino called online casino. ANYONE CAN GET TEMPLETE AND REGISTER AND OWN CASINO: Host are in MALTA; LATVIA AND ROMANIA: Those are the GANG that would STEAL your MONEY.

  5. Hi. I used my strat I typically use in roulette in Vegas that wins me casual money, but on an online casino.. Red did not hit for over 20-30 mins and I was going easily over $40 each bet. I highly doubt it was a coincidence. I found it a huge red flag. Thanks for the tip bud.

  6. online baccarat is rigged in PA.. some think online baccarat is a 1% house edge game. this is untrue in PA and other states as well. the casinos program the game to payout like a slot machine. so what you think is 1% house edge fair game, is actually 5% or more in house edge.

    if you play banker always, you'll notice that 80% of your sessions are won by player.

    this is not random chance, this is the scam

  7. Fruity slots , hidious slots , chipmonk slots , all are fake and mislead people in thinking its possible to win like they do . Its such crap !!!! And for all the empty pathetic minds that do watch them …. Your no different to a crack head 😂

  8. This was wonderful information for me! Thanks as always you guys are wonderful and helpful. I have fallen victim too many times to the identity verification and played my winnings and still was denied verification.

  9. I've never read the user agreement before and after seeing this video I think I will in the future aside from that I think it seems like to play when and withdraw your winnings.

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