10 Smart VEGAS Gamblers That Brought CASINOS To Their KNEES

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Here are 10 extremely clever gamblers of all time who brought the casinos to their knees! From cracking codes to mastering their craft, they proved that they could conquer any game with a bit of wit and brilliance. Vegas gamblers, usually end up losing, but their are a handful of vegas wizards that managed to find a way to make bank and beat the casinos while making millions. In This video we go over the stories of famous vegas gamblers that managed to beat the casinos at their own games.

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31 thoughts on “10 Smart VEGAS Gamblers That Brought CASINOS To Their KNEES”

  1. Was this done with AI voice generation? AKA (also known as) was pronounced "acka", and NINETIES was pronounced "nen-e-tees". Given that the voice sounds like a fluent English speaker I can't imagine making such basic pronunciation errors.

    I mean, it's relatively fine if so, but you can tell.

  2. Interesting as sure we would all like to find that secret…Surprised, as mentioned below, that Phil Ivy wasn't mentioned. Casinos were desperate to accommodate him and he used that to his advantage and won millions, especially at one particular casino, who took him to court. Sadly, despite doing nothing illegal, his winnings had to be returned.

  3. Anybody who is using an edge sorting technique for card games, or a dice throwing technique for craps deserves to get paid their money.
    The skills are so rare, so few people have them, that the casino will never ultimately lose its livelihood over those elites. The best thing that the casino can do when they know they're dealing with an ace like that, is to make a deal with them on the amount of money they're allowed to make per week.

  4. If the game has an exploitable flaw or the materials the game is played with have a physical bias, then it’s the casino’s responsibility to detect and repair the game. It’s not the player’s responsibility to refrain from taking advantage of it. Some of these people were outright cheaters. But most of these people that made the list were just using their intelligence and skill to beat the game playing by the rules.

  5. The first story is weird. Did he hack slots or keno? Which is it. And how did he hack a keno.machine. also..no hit is 1 million to 1…..

    9 out of 10 is roughly 1.2 million to 1 and 10 out of 10 is like 7 million to 1….guys should do your homework a little better

  6. Playing against the house there’s no such person as a smart gambler. If s/he keeps winning then there’s cheating behind. Just a matter of time before they get caught.

  7. I was expecting to see Kerry Packer here but there is no record of cheating the casino, in fact he was very generous to casino staff and his entourage. Rumor has it he sent The London casino Aspinalls broke in it's first year. A lot of great stories to be told of his gambling and generosity.

  8. No one ever mentions why Ronald Harris became a disgruntled employee of the Nevada State Gaming Commision. He was investigating a company called American Coin Entertainment which operated slot machines in non-casino environments, and who were cheating players of their machines. Harris had an informant that he wanted placed under protection. The informant was shot and killed one night in his own driveway.

    Harris was pretty pissed off and that is when he went "rogue".

    Also, Dominic Loriggio is a fraud. A reporter doing a story on him and Golden Touch called numerous casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Contrary to "The Dominator's" claim, he is welcome to try his luck in any casino in the country.

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