$300/Spin Top Dollar Budget: $4,000 D Lucky Jackpot Experience in Las Vegas #casinos #slotmachines

Welcome to D Lucky Experience. All our content is made just for fun. On a daily basis we are posting our slot machine jackpot winners. We make no guarantees of hitting jackpots. However we hit double digit jackpots every single day.

We will normally post about 1 – 3 videos per day however on holidays and days off we might post more then usual.

To be apart of these videos you can check out our page by clicking the link below for more information. We make no guarantees.

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Here is our slot machine DISCLAIMER:

This is just for fun.
Slots is not a way to earn $$$ if you are in need of it.
Odds are Against you.

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33 thoughts on “$300/Spin Top Dollar Budget: $4,000 D Lucky Jackpot Experience in Las Vegas #casinos #slotmachines”

  1. Hey u can win with what u pay him geez guys I won jack pots with 100$ couple times n now I love roulette way better odds easy money.. heh just need to know where to go or can pay me jk I won't charge as much as him though I'm not greedy haha

  2. Why would people who have so much to lose gamble? It seems like a really bad idea. I mean you already have more than anyone, why not find something less dangerous to do.

  3. Alot of these people win and lose but we all have to remember would YOU really bet 200 300 a pull by yourself the answer is No. So it's the experience with the D Lucky that people like. I mean me personally I wouldn't do it the experience but a lot of people do and they enjoy it – โœŒ๏ธ

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