4 PATHETIC Luxury Hotels in LAS VEGAS

There are many wonderful places to stay on the Las Vegas Strip, but there are 4 hotels masquerading as “luxury” that you probably want to avoid.
10 BEST Luxury Hotels in Las Vegas:

This is the credit card I have that gets me free breakfast and free suite upgrades at Conrad Resorts World (and the other Hilton properties):

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I’m Jordan, an American living in Mexico with my Husky, Laska. In January of 2018 I left the US to start traveling Mexico. Since then, I’ve been making travel videos about my life in Mexico, travel tips, Las Vegas tips videos, and advice for those considering moving abroad.

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27 thoughts on “4 PATHETIC Luxury Hotels in LAS VEGAS”

  1. Caesars Palace itself is terrible last time I stayed there it was filthy dirty the vents in the room had an inch of dust on them. It cost over $200 a night for a regular 2 bed room I will never stay there again.

  2. I just stayed at nobu I loved it. I had no issues with my cell service. I also enjoyed the boutique experience of checking in. I thought the room was beautiful and clean and I really enjoyed their free happy hour.

  3. Tangerine Travels: "I asked them if they can bring the package up to my room"

    Hotel: "No sorry, we only have two elevators and we don't want to wait an eternity to bring your sorry package to your room"

  4. Let me get this straight. One hotel won’t print your paper and accept your package they are bad. Another hotel described as “filthy and bad service “, and that is your hotel of choice :). Your priorities seem off. People generally doesn’t care about printing paper and receive packages. But filthy hotel is a Huge red flag.

  5. I totally agree with you at Resorts World. The resort is great, it is just the Hilton brand. It sucks! Wish they just didn’t partner with them. They make their neighbor Circus Circus service better. Will comp and say yes to keep you.

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