5 Things Casinos Don't Want You to Know

Casinos can be crafty. They’ve put millions of dollars into figuring out the best ways to take your money and they’ve come up with some clever tricks along the way. In this video, Colin breaks down 5 things that casino would rather you didn’t know.

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39 thoughts on “5 Things Casinos Don't Want You to Know”

  1. My brother plays cards and he says that he has better chances with cards and he doesn't consider it gambling like the slot machines. He goes to casinos just to play cards. The only reason I used to casinos was when I was doing UberEats and delivering food in those areas. I then went to the casino just to use the bathrooms. About the only thing I can say good about casinos is they have nice bathrooms. I can't imagine going to those places and playing. Its just such a waste time and money. I'd rather watch a movie.

  2. YOu talk about be glad you can take casinos money and you disgusted that they ruin peoples lives and takes their houses, so what have you done with your winning to help the "victims"?

  3. I saw the house edge listed on an 8 deck auto shuffle game in Scotland that said with perfect basic strategy, house edge was 0.5% but that diffeteny play styles may lead to different results. Only time I've ever seen it too.

  4. If I ever went to a casino, I would just go for the food. I would straight up see which casino's have the either the best or more economical food that I would simply enjoy. I would eat the food, and play video games on my switch. That's enough for me.

  5. i only once went to a casino, im not a gambler at all. i did play roulette, waited until there were several rounds, like 5,6,7,8 rounds in a row where it landed on red / black and then bet on the opposite. worked out fine for me and i left with more then i came with. i know the odds of every single round are independent of each other, but still the odds of seeing 20 rounds of red seem rather low to me. i dont recommend that as a professional strategy, but it worked out for me, once.

  6. Colin, Disney and casinos has much more in common than differences. Disney wants you while on vacation to stay in the “Disney Bubble.” You stay at a Disney hotel, eat at Disney restaurants and buy their overpriced merchandise. All the while spending $120 per day on tickets and $15 to $35 per person per day for priority access to rides and attractions.

  7. I was at a casino in Blackhawk Colorado I put $20 in a slot machine it maximum bet won $700 off my first pull went to a $5 slot put 30 in it maximum bet won 30 back hit maximum bet pull the arm again won 3400 all that offer total of three pulls then I left

  8. Not to mention how corrupt they are. Remember the "Las Vegas Massacre"? If some person from your house shot a bunch of strangers out the window you'd get in big trouble but a guy shoots people dead after smuggling guns in and no one is punished. Well, let's face it it's nothing but a psyop anyway.

  9. By law in Australia windows and time should be clearly represented on tables and in the corner of slot machines brightly lit. Gambling help signs should also be shown with cash machines at furthest possible distance they also constantly shuffle cards up to 8 decks making card counttnig impossible

  10. A very brutal, honest and accurate view of the casino business. People should study the stock market and put their money there. As long as you're patient, you'll have fun watching the ups and downs. But if done with just a little bit of education, you'll come out ahead. At typical return rates, you'll double your money every 7 years. Try that at a casino. You can always get your "fix" by playing simulated online casino games without spending any money.

  11. Another very important point: if you are removed from the premises as a card counter or win too much, don't expect to be able to set foot into a different casino for a good long time, if ever again. Casinos instantly communicate to watch out for such people, and if your ID or club card is flagged, you won't be allowed to play.

  12. Ur definitely wrong about roulette. Me and my Dad have been making a nice living playing it for the last ten years. There is a way to make money at roulette If u have money to work with and quit once you are up

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