7 Slot Machine SECRETS casinos don't want you to know

I explain some tips and tricks on how to be a more successful gambler. How to win more money playing slot machines. These are some good tips for how to play slot machines. People want tips and tricks on how to win at slot machines but the truth is that they are completely random. But there are a few things you can do to help you win more often at slot machines. How to win more at gambling on the Las Vegas strip. Stop Losing money at slot machines.

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49 thoughts on “7 Slot Machine SECRETS casinos don't want you to know”

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is a bullshit video
    These Indian casinos do not go by the Las Vegas Nevada gaming rules they make their own rules. They change their percentage pay back to 0% sometimes or 90% sometimes they do whatever the hell they want to do because they’re on Indian land and there’s nothing we can do about it .

  2. Hi to you and everybody out there! I never heard of this "small gambler safe" before. Seams like an excellent idea to have in a gambler's possession for safe keeping! If you don't mind, post a link stating where's the best deals to purchase a "small gambler safe"! It will be a great investment which will pay for it's self! Good luck to you as well as everybody out there!

  3. Only way u gonna get rich gambling is if u successfully rob the casino for every dime and dollar bill lol 😆 ain't no "secrets" to beating the slot machines, they run o. Random number generator

  4. Another thing I like to do (could be similar to money management) is start with smaller bills, cause what if you could turn $1 into $100? Or maybe even $1,000 or $10,000? I put a $5 in imperial 88 on my last visit, usually it’s one that’s not nice to me like 98% Of the time, but I was lucky enough to turn just a 5 dollar bill into $300 on just an 88 cent bet!

  5. I never go. Now because when I went it was not only for amusement but mainly to try to increase my wager. Trouble is if you win virtually straight away you don't feel like going home and get greedy to try to win more like a winning streak fallacy and probably lose the lot
    Also if you spend a lot before winning its too much stress thinking you're going to lose. Even if you win the stake money back its only relief from not having lost. So hardly satisfying
    I suppose only for really rich people that don't mind losing a bit. Most people aren't like that and regular customers

  6. That every pulll is independent or it's random is total crap how can you explain how you can go some visits and never lose and other times never hit a damn bonus it's crap they can control them they're connected to the computers

  7. I do number #1. I put in $20 and play that. If i double my money i cash out. If i lose it all i walk away and find another machine. It worked this time i won $150 cashed out and $90 and was able to use that money for my next day on my trip

  8. My strategy if I win big is to play on the houses money but at smaller bets than I was doing when I won. You’re basically just playing for fun then but you’ve already guaranteed a winning night as long as you only risk a portion of your winnings. Say you bring $200 and do $2 bets. You get a bonus at $100 and win $400. Now you have $500, $300 more than when you started. Set aside say $200 of that and play with the other $100 at say 50 or 75 cent bets. Even if you lose it all, you still walk away with a $200 win and got to play for longer than you originally thought you would.

  9. Play the highest denomination you can on a slot machine. Many have multiple denomination from pennies all the way up a dollar or more. The higher the denomination, the higher the payout. It’s not substantially higher but say 92% for $1 vs 88% for pennies is still noticeable. On many games like lightning link, mighty cash, ultimate fire link etc, the progressive jackpots are higher the higher denomination you play. The higher denominations have a higher minimum bet but it’s a big difference in winning a $10 mini on penny denomination vs that min being $100 on 10 cent and even $1000 on $1 denomination.

  10. I love the $20 method. I always break $100 into 5 twenties. Each one become its own bankroll. If I double or hit a bonus and win or a jackpot, I cut and run. I put the voucher in my pocket and play the next machine using a new $20 bill. I did this yesterday and won on all five machines. Made $120 before breakfast! 🙂

  11. ty, last I played i won 60 on a 20 dol,and did not cash it, it was in the first few spins,,,,,,i kept going,,,,went down,,,,,,won back up to 80 some dollars,,,,,,,,i kept on til i lost it all.,put in 40 more bucks,,,nothing,,,,,,i shud cased out,,,next time i will,,,

  12. After listening to this good advice ,Gambling should be totally banned .It’s one big con ,these big jackpots rarely pay out . We know they will not ban Gambling,so it’s best to have a small flutter if you can control yourself . Walk away if you lose ,don’t try to win back the money

  13. Wow. To quote Luke in The Last Jedi "One hundred percent of what you just said was wrong!" OK. Where do I start…?
    1)Entering any casino, you will lose.
    2)The chance of hitting anything over $1199 is not very likely, even after 300 spins!
    3)If you play 1 line, you won't get the bonus on a penny machine! You would be betting 1 cent! Casinos don't give out bonuses!
    4)Max bet will decrease the odds but if you don't play the Max amount of lines, 90 percent of the time you won't win! I know, I tried! Especially on a 3 line machine, or a 30 line machine.
    There are some 5 line machines where you can bet 75 cents aka 3 lines. I tried no bonus ever comes from that!
    5) Play what you feel like playing, and don't go over the limit. Most tricks to slow down play speed are fake!
    6)If I have $350 , I usually am able to play that over 3 days in Atlantic City. So why the hell would anyone put more than $20 in a machine? After 20 dollars worth if you didn't win, you won't! Never play more than a 3.50 bet. I learned this also. People assume an increases bet = increased payout. That is what they want you to think. If you put 20 in Oz or Monopoly and play 1.50 a spin, after 6 spins, if you don't win get up and find another machine!
    7)Some people think a player's card is a way casinos track you so if you bet more, they lower the odds! This is 100% false and would be 100% illegal! They use the card to determine the loss per spin. If you put in $20 you might get 1 dollar comp if you lose. If you hit a bonus more than likely you will still have earned that 1 comp!
    8)If you don't use a player's card you are losing out on $10 free play per individual casino card, free rooms, free comedy club tickets and sometimes free or discounted buffets! Don't be an idiot! You are already in a casino! Make the most of it, and get a player's card! Sometimes people think they will be tracked more…I have news for you, there is no privacy anymore! In a casino with 20, 000 cameras they know who you are and how long you are there! On your phone google will recommend ads based on things you typed in on Facebook or anywhere you search! It's happening to me every day! We all have things we need to work on in life. If you are in a casino, enjoy your time there, use a card, don't get addicted! It's a game of "Adult Entertainment" after all , not a job or system of winning or making money!

  14. Ive done this a lot with video black, get a bunch of 20d to start with alteast 100 in 20s, then whenever im up to 30 or more I'll cash out, keep the voucher untill i collect a few to go actually cash out, and start with a new 20, if your patient and lucky enough it will grow money out of nowhere if your having fun and lost count

  15. The money management seems to be one that can’t be stressed enough, even leaving 1, 2 or 3 dollars ahead is fine! My mom told me some lady hit almost $1,000 with $8.80 bets, but then she did constant $8.80 bets and lost it all

  16. Regarding playing fewer lines…I recall that on the game "Stinking Rich" regardless of how many lines you were playing, if you got the bonus you were paid on all 100 available lines. So there was that advantage to playing fewer lines.
    I should also add that your payback number on slots are a little inflated as the numbers reported include both real type slots and video poker/keno machines which have a much higher theoretical return. So with video poker paying over 95% and attracting a lot of high end play, it can balance out a lot of regular slot play at 85% or below for a published return of around 90% overall.

  17. This is all the same crap. Y’all want to know real secrets on how to win more money? Slot sniping is key! What is it? Easy . Look for machines people loaded up and play those. Check every denom. One day in Vegas with 500 and I can turn it into at minimum 2500

  18. I always try and be super nice to the entire staff, and act like no matter how much I win, I plan on spending it all at the casino, so say I go in with $50, win $50 and have $100, I'll immediately go buy some food n maybe a beer…. Just in case there is a secret kabal hidden in some back offices with little switches that allow them to pick and choose who gets lucky 🎰, and who gets teased with 🍒 🍒 🍋 all night.

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