Amazing birthday gift surprise! 🎰 What could it be πŸ€”πŸ˜±

Brantley turns 35 today and Marc has a special treat!

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35 thoughts on “Amazing birthday gift surprise! 🎰 What could it be πŸ€”πŸ˜±”

  1. Where do you find the game kits? Do you buy from the manufacturer? Are they pulled from old cabinets?
    How does the used market work for the cabinets themselves? Do they filter through smaller casinos first?

  2. Hope Brantley had a spectacular birthday! With this Pinball machine, I'm sure he did. What a great gift and really informative video. As an ex techie, I enjoyed knowing how it works! Very cool. Enjoy 35, Brantley! Reach 100k soon!

  3. Such an Awesome Slot it is that IGT S3000 – hearing and seeing the diagnostics, made me remember the times i have worked on a lot of IGT games.. i worked on the 3DAxxis cabinets a lot ( think Sphinx3D and such.. and a lot of Axxis23/23 cabs too.. also the slot Marc worked on in this video. lots of them crossed my hands back then.

  4. Happy Birthday Brantley, and
    many Blessings to you. Thank you and Marc for all you do . Marc I greatly appreciated you showing us the inner workings of a slot machine it was really interesting. You guys are totally awesome , now lets get a huge HANDPAY.

  5. Amazing Pinball slot machine set up video and first spin jackpot for $16k at $100 denomination! Does the $100 denomination set with a higher win percentage (compared to $5, $10, $25, or $50) at a real casino in general?

  6. Happiest of birthdays to Brantley. What a great presentation and demonstration by Marc. Very cool to see the inner workings and set up. I'm sure he's going to love Pinball from Marc. Awesome gift!

  7. Nice gift Marc, and even won him $16,000 right away. Lol 🀣 your sure are his best friend now if you weren't πŸ˜‰…. Congrats to you both. I always enjoy the content you provide and looking forward to more this year. You both always present very professional and respectful and yet at the same time make it fun and interesting to watch. Keep up the good work guys!! … Ps.. I have one video request. You frequently talk about the report that is publicly available online for viewing for each casino that gives all of their stats/payout percentages and so on. Well, I actually went to the Ohio Lottery site today and pulled up a couple of these reports for my local casino and I do have to say it was very interesting and informative to say the least that is for sure. It certainly opens up your eyes to see some of those figures that these casinos are actually producing. Wow!!! πŸ€‘ I knew it would be high, but I didn't realize it would be as much as it was. Anyway, back to my video request, I think it would be an interesting video for your viewers if you would review one of these reports providing us with a little more detailed explanation of the data within this report within the specific columns technically speaking and so on. Some columns are basically explanatory, but others not so much, which leaves us to make an assumption or guesswork. So with all that being said, I felt that if I was confused at some of the data herein the report, that others would be as well. So that's when this light went off inside this little brain of mine to message you and make this video request. And I believe today couldn't have been a more perfect day to do so with it being your anniversary. I understand the detail in this report can get very monotonous, but I still believe it would make for a joyful and interesting video to watch. So my friend, would you consider producing a video of this nature in the near future? With my fingers crossed 🀞pretty please? Thanks for listening to me blab. πŸ™‚ and once again Congrats!!

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