Asking Monaco Millionaires How To Make $1,000,000

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1 in 3 person that lives in Monaco is a millionaire… that sounded crazy to me so I decided to fly there and interview the locals to figure out: 1) how they got rich and 2) what it’s like to live in the world’s wealthiest country.

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20 thoughts on “Asking Monaco Millionaires How To Make $1,000,000”

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  2. Je suis nouveau dans tout cela, cela semble accablant, mais je n'abandonnerai pas l'apprentissage de cela. Merci pour votre explication claire dès le début !

  3. Most of them, don’t wanna pay tax, and being honest citizen of their natural born place, wish to beat the system, not paying the tax. Do you believe these people are good hearted, good morals, and ethics in their soul? Infested with Eastern European working girls the middle easterners from the desert likes to be flashy. I’m not impressed.

  4. The difference in openness between Europeans and Americans is mind blowing. Americans seem to be proud of their hard work, and having a greater ability to actually enjoy their money. Also, Monaco is one of the most prestige, lively cities in Western Europe. You can't really do much with your money in Northern Europe, being outside. No yacht enjoyment besides the three months in the summer.

  5. If "hard work" alone was the key to success, then Mexican laborers all over California would be rich. I suspect it has more to do with inherited wealth, personal connections, a willingness to play fast and loose with financial laws, and marrying someone of higher status.

  6. Great video. I watch several youtube videos on how to trade in the market but haven't made any head start because they are either talking some gibberish or sharing their story of how they made it and I do not want to make mistakes by taking risks in my own hands

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