Best Casinos For Playing Slots In Las Vegas | Casinos In Las Vegas

Welcome to Details in Luxury and in this video we are going to show you guys some of the best casinos in Las Vegas for playing slot machines. This casinos in vegas offer the most variety for slot machines and some of them also offer a lot of luxury.
If you are planning on visiting Las Vegas and playing some slots , this video might help you out.

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10 thoughts on “Best Casinos For Playing Slots In Las Vegas | Casinos In Las Vegas”

  1. Red rocks sucks. Stations casino suck. If you valet park your car it takes an hour to get your car when you go to leave. I had a cockroach in my popcorn at the movie theater. And it smells really bad. The restaurants are overpriced. Their machines are the tightest machines they ever made in the world. and the homeless people are lined up to break into your car. And the locals that live near there are snobs. They're all coupon people. And the valet still from your car. And the carpets are dirty and smell like pee. And the rooms smell like AIDS. I found a hidden camera in my room. And some stinky bloody underwear and left in the drawer. And the slot club sucks.

  2. Fuck station casinos. I spent $14,000 in 3 months gambling during covid. I spent my entire pua unemployment money back check a $14,000 check trying to get my chairman status rating card level. I achieved it. They promised me a carnival cruise for two. They didn't do nothing for me. I was better off gambling at a gold level card. I haven't got one piece of mail from them since I became a chairman. Shame on you stations casinos especially the Santa Fe that is the victim maker. And watch out you get robbed in the parking lot or robbed in the casino. I seen the lady's purse get stolen in the casino and the guy ran out through the whole casino. They didn't even catch him. So I stick my foot out and tripped the dude and finally the old lady kicked him in the teeth and took her purse back then security tried to hassle the old lady. And the place stinks the rooms have cockroaches and bed bugs. The service is slow and they raised all the prices on their food. And there's boogers all over the walls in the elevator and on the buttons. And you get robbed or assaulted and your life is at risk in the parking garage

  3. The Wynn USED to be less smoky with great ventilation but it’s awful now. The smokers ruined that beautiful property. It almost seems like they turned their ventilation system off. As if that’s not bad enough, the stupid mask policy has essentially incentivized chain smoking. Thank god for Park MGM, a fully nonsmoking casino. It’s a true oasis for those of us that value our health, like smelling good or don’t want to be exposed to second hand smoke.

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