Best Dealer EVER!

O’shea’s blackjack dealer. Had to cut the video short because the floor manager was yelling at me to not record. Evidently it’s not allowed….. WHY would you not want to video this amazing specimen?! Name is Gambit. He wants to be on Ellen and he has a ton of tricks with an amazing personality like no one else in his field. Make this viral!

36 thoughts on “Best Dealer EVER!”

  1. Didn’t clear his hands after taking them off the table then putting them on the table, didn’t clear his hands after touching by his waist, shirt isn’t tucked in, also that unnecessary helicopter he did with the cards, how does this dude still have a job

  2. What a way to lose yours and the casinos license in any sort of decent country, Jesus Christ… I understand its fun, but touching his body, hands behind his back, below the table, doesnt clean/clear his hands once, card tricks etc…. Jesus Christ. Any decent pit boss would have you walking out the door in 30 seconds of that.

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