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40 thoughts on “CRAZIEST POKER HAND OF MY LIFE?! *MUST SEE #shorts #poker”

  1. I used to not take Alex Jones seriously pre-2020. But after the pandemic started and everything that's happened since then, Alex Jones is a bigger truth-teller than I could've imagined. I also stopped listening to Secular Talk (Kyle Kulinski) who I used to deeply respect pre-2020. Crazy how aware we become the older we get.

  2. Min raising a guy on the river then tipping the dealer that same 5 is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen from a fellow poker player. You need to work on your ethic. The chip shuffling in your videos and throwing chips like a 5 year old are just as bad.

  3. Vwoofgar Puckett J❤10❤
    I click like b4 video starts
    Other channels I wait or don't click or comment or both
    I had no imagination of what you look like
    I finally saw you and didn't like you😅
    But 2nd impressions work too
    I like your content and edits
    Keep up the good work

  4. I ran a simulation of that specific hand with my solver, taking into account all stacks and bet sizes as well as the position of the various players, and the result was a pop-up window saying ''Wtf is this sh*t, I'll have what they had.''

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