Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi | Full Tour – Gulf Coast Casinos

Check out the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi MS! Full tour of casino, restaurants, bars, shops, pool & room! Enjoy your stay here at the casino in the Gulf Coast ‘mini Vegas’!

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12 thoughts on “Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi | Full Tour – Gulf Coast Casinos”

  1. The Hard Rock Biloxi is by far my favorite casino! I used to barback The Record Company club there in 2014 and have a lot of great memories! I had the best coworkers and got to rub shoulders with the best of the celebs! Thank you for posting this vid!

  2. The last time I visited that casino ,, they actually had a large of small children waiting in line with their parents as they were attempting to go into the sugar factory.It was the strangest and stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in a casino .

  3. Yeah the Royal tower is the original tower and several floors in there are smoking floors! Like the odd numbered ones! The Platinum tower which I mainly stayed in was non smoking in the whole building and you have to have a room key to get the elevator to go up! Much better rooms in the Platinum tower. A little noisier on the street side with racing cars and police sirens and ambulances! Just a few months ago the Hard Rock raised all the restaurant prices to almost run them out of business! A bowl of Pho was $10 now $17! Every restaurant tries to claim oh its going to be expensive it's a casino! They even charge tax on comped food! I am double Platinum level there, but I'll be moving to the Beau Rivage soon!

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