32 thoughts on “He was banned from casinos after winning $20M”

  1. The casino DIDNT have to play, to begin with. Hate the courts ruled in favor of casinos but what do ya know about corruption birds of a feather flock together

  2. casino granted what he wanted, didn’t ask why. Got out played and they’re like “nah i’m sueing him” casinos are really the worst legal business, people bet their life savings and go homeless and casinos are like 😁👍 but when someone else wins 0.01% of the money they have they like nah bro we sueing you

  3. The casino sued him and won. Not only did he have to give up his earnings, he also had to pay an extra 5 million (what the casino claims they would've won if he wasn't cheating) plus legal fees. Bruh.

  4. Both Casinos butthurt that they lost a 7 millions dollars each….shocker, almost like they arent use to being played for a fool…as they are the ones playing the fools who think a casino is anything besides a bad place to be

  5. Casino always wins. They knew he was asking for those “bizarre requests” because of some kind of cheat so they granted it to him. They either knew his scheme or knew they would figure it out. If he loses, we make money. If he wins, we find out (or already know) his scheme and can take our money back. Casino will always outsmart you.

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