HOW ONLINE CASINOS CHEAT at Roulette | ONLINE CASINO SCAMS | How to Avoid Online Casino Scams

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This video is about finding the best entry point for online Roulette Strategy to Win. It’s about how play this Roulette Strategy for the highest successful rate and best profits, but also covering the topics like the Best Roulette Strategy ever, Best Roulette Strategy to Win, Roulette Strategy for Inside bets, Best Roulette Strategy using Hot numbers…

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38 thoughts on “HOW ONLINE CASINOS CHEAT at Roulette | ONLINE CASINO SCAMS | How to Avoid Online Casino Scams”

  1. Once you’ve been marked as a Advantage player , these casinos will make your gambling experience miserable. They will electronically filter any machine you play and use their technology to reduce the pay out percentage to almost 0%.
    All bonuses will be turned off, line pays will be minimal and you will lose your ass.
    This will be the case at any machine you play throughout the casino. Surveillance will track you wherever you go.
    Casinos despise anyone who knows how to beat them.
    They will make every effort to ensure you are miserable, either through harassment and intimidation or just flat out cheating.
    Their goal is to piss you off to the point you stop visiting their casino.
    They don’t want Winner’s
    Only Losers!!

  2. Thanks for the information Tom, I too agree with you, I played different routless where I see lot of disturbance, like though roler stopped one nunber they showed winning nunber other and backend shifted the roler, and suddenly roler jump from one to other nunbers frequently, I see some what better in Live Routlee like Oracle and and other, I see same behavior sometimes not frequently.

    I lost close to 20 lakhs on this routle, overall for 5 months I placed 2.5 cr bets I won 2.3, though I tried different ways but its hard to get money.

    My suggestion for players, have small targets daily, once you reach dont play, if you play long end of the you will loose more money, I tried same and earned good money unfortunately one bad day loose whole……

  3. After getting 3 reds in casino I placed bet on black continuously but it results 11 reds in a row. Same thing happens in high and low numbers also.
    Really it is not possible to get 11 reds or 10 high numbers (19-36) in a row. It is all scam.

  4. With a brick and mortar casino …they have RFID chips in the $100 to alert them …so they can rig the wheel to get blackies back…every time …the ball remains in the middle of the number box magnetized …

  5. So we can all be clear on one thing, that it is rigged. So going with your "theory" the ultrasonic wave, can this cheating method go undetected? We are led to believe that all online and land based casinos are monitored and audited by some national gambling authorities, which has to be questionable due to the amount of videos I have on YouTube where players are gambling literally MILLIONS online in literally minutes !

  6. Personally … in the "live" European table … I see common issues in the last 13 minutes of a dealers shift : a weird computer glitch ( and your bet lost ) … or error message " server error – all bets canceled " … or .. you simply make your bet … the ball stops and the winning number is right in front of you … and then NOTHING HAPPENES. The pit boss has to come over … sometimes you get lucky and they will at least refund your bet … but forget about the fact your bet actually won ! Always in the last 1/2 of a dealers shift … to me it is a no – fly- zone. The numbers can be predictable … and so are the cheating methods they use … just random enough to get away with it …. and hope you do not notice. Give me an honest table, and I consistently do ok for my self. LOVE YOUR CHANNEL, SIR !!!

  7. I don't care what nobody say they are ripping people off😠😠 why is it that every time I start winning a little bit they kicked me off of the site ….? I saw this with my own eyes I'm going to record it because you can't tell me that it's no class action suit for these casinos preferably Rivers Pennsylvania Philadelphia 😁 I was in the bonus spins and a big ball dropped in $275 it set there for a minute and then it jumped back out of the spot😲 then I was playing and the bonus came down and then they kicked me off the site…😲😭😭😭😭😭😭

  8. I saw that very same phenomenon of the ball jumping from one winning number to a losing! Your viewpoint on ROI from the Casinos point of view never occurred to me. Thank you, I was about to go back and throw more money away! I will only use live dealers from here on out!

  9. Question: Why do online gaming companies hire thousands of “operators”?
    Answer: Because they assign 1 operator per player. Yes, they may decide to make you win in the beginning but end up losing. Of course, they will make you enjoy (engage with) the game first.
    Real answer: You think you can beat the game/program, but definitely, you cannot beat the programer/operator.

  10. Most, if not all, casinos definitely do cheat in roulette. Besides the highly unnatural roll and bounce of the roulette ball, this is especially obvious when one considers how often repeated sequences occur in online casino games (e.g. eight reds one after the other or seven consecutive high numbers). Such coincidences very rarely happen naturally… manipulation would be necessary to make that possible. My thinking is that some other bettor is using a Martingale strategy, so the casino is deliberately controlling the outcome of games to ensure that he/she loses. For example, if the punter keeps Martingaling/doubling up his/her stake on red numbers, the casino will ensure that he/she keeps getting black numbers until he/she has reached the table limit or used up all his/her bankroll, whichever comes first. It is cheating on their part, plain and simple. You cannot beat a dishonest casino, which is the #1 reason why roulette and other non-card games are to be avoided altogether. Instead, stick to either blackjack (where there is the real possibility of beating the house) or poker (where there is no house to bet against).

  11. This is just my experience on the online roulette and that is , the night before I won like 10 bucks, then i went in again when i woke up …and this time …it went different …I lost my bankroll and i played the same like i did last I'm thinking they want their money back so they got me.. next time I win money..ill close the app and play again within a day or two

  12. I agree with you 100%. After losing 4 times in a row covering 31 numbers on an european table, I stopped and started looking for an other kind of game. I found the Dream Catcher wheel game and guess what I started to win. I invite everyone to take a look at it and use the following strategy. Bet 3 units on number one and if you loose ad 2 units if you loose ad 2 units. When you win bet your way back 7 to 5 to 3 to 1. Ps the number 1 comes often. There is no stress playing that way. Do you math. Cheers everyone 🙂

  13. i am playing on 1x bet asia live….i was wondering about why not red and i got around 1o times with same colour same and even numbers and i loose all my money..and i again made a plan to follow the dealer and it succeded that plan for certain time..and then i start to follow the delaer then it hits the different number everytime i followed..i don't know but i found that it hit maximum time same column,same twelve,even,same high feels like its already set to hit our fucking ass

  14. Thanks for the information . It did help a lot and firm my decision to quite online gambling permanently since I have lost so much to them. I didn’t really play roulette but baccarat and blackjack and I can see some sort of tricks they are using against players to lose . Appreciate if you can debunk this 2 games as well and let the world see

  15. They do.. they track your playstyle and make sure you lose the high bets.. i made a unbeatable roulette system where i dont lose.. but after winning some they lure you to put bolig due to some lose you had and damn.

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