How to win more Jackpots, tips, tricks, myths and over $35k won while filming!

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31 thoughts on “How to win more Jackpots, tips, tricks, myths and over $35k won while filming!”

  1. $300 starting bankroll. Went to 25 cent, 50 cent and $1 multi denom. Stuck to low volatility, double Diamond and double Diamond haywire… $700 jackpot on one and a $450 jackpot on the other.. onward and upward. Moved onto dragon cash—first time but Mr. Handpay loves that one and had just watched your video. Felt out the denoms. Flowed between them. When $2200 jackpot. Jump to next machine over (same kind of machine)—-still playing with what I had in my pocket since machine was locked with my funds and they were getting my handpay. What do you know, $200 later into the $300 I put in—$5980 jackpot. This after a $26,000 jackpot run on every low volatility single line old school slot. Next thing to bring a pro—RUNAWAY and take your new funds! 😅I’m still leaning 🤦🏼‍♂️

  2. You are giving a lot of good information. . I for sure was completely oblivious to so many things that can be done to make the experience much more satisfying apart from having fun. Thank you for sharing.
    I believe that " Knowledge is power only when it is shared". .Thanks again
    You are so right, the haters need to be ignored, they are not worth a joule of a positive person's energy. they need to get hooked on a positive life that they refuse to embrace. They are literally unhappy, jealous people and only unhappy, jealous people want to see other people unhappy.

  3. Man just found your channel randomly and I’ve been binge watching like crazy ha. I did what what said in one of your videos for Rich Little Piggies and checked each denom which was going to pop. I was already down $150 playing two other machines, 3 reel double diamond and Double Times Pay, popped the blue and yellow piggies and made my money back after the third spin, less $5 didn’t have much time and had to go. Just wondering, anytime you get a hand pay, do you get a voucher and have it already withheld or is it best to pay it later when taxes is due and just get the full amount? Future video on taxes? Anywho you are an inspiration and will continue to use what I learn in your videos in hope for my first hand pay.

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