I Stayed at DOWNTOWN GRAND Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas!

In this video, we are staying at the Downtown Grand in Las Vegas. Come along as we show you the standard king room in the Gallery Tower, and visit the pool, casino, restaurants, and more!

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47 thoughts on “I Stayed at DOWNTOWN GRAND Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas!”

  1. The Grand is always a visit, if we dont stay ther (which we've done many times) then we go hav b'fast at Freedom Beat(one of my fav's) and gamble….good place to play! Glad this place is finally getting a bit of a buzz….also, I'm bummed this place is getting a bit of a buzz! Ha! One of MY hidden gems! 👍

  2. Can anyone that’s stayed at this hotel please tell me, is the preferred breakfast option ( 40$ credit up to 2 people)that you can choose when making a reservation a hot breakfast that you have in the Freedom Beat restaurant? The other option was a continental breakfast that you have in the Art restaurant.

  3. Maybe you could request a mini fridge. We did at a hotel in the Bahamas and they brought it right up. We will be coming to Las Vegas in early June, staying at the Jockey Club as usual. Should we try the Bacchanal Buffet or The Palms Buffet? We've been to neither. Properties with a gym are very important to me. If they have them I wish you would cover them in you video too. Thanks for the videos. They are informative and helpful!

  4. Wow! Good to know about this place! I'd never even heard of it before. I did go to the Mob Museum once when I was staying at Golden Nugget but I never gave any of the surrounding hotels a second glance! I wish I'd known about it then, I would have been playing blackjack and craps like crazy! And a pool too! Here I thought only Golden Nugget and Circa were the only downtown hotels with any sort of pool to talk about!

  5. What is wrong ?? With Las Vegas ? So ugly . The pool area seems to me surrounded by hospitals… or office buildings… ugh boxes with windows view and the room looks like cheap European furniture and the carpets in the casino 😒😒😒😒😒 now days Las Vegas is so depressing … zero 🪄

  6. If you want to gamble with homeless then this is your casino and hotel. My wife and I stayed here in February this year. I understand there’s homeless people roaming Vegas. But it was extremely too much going on seem like it was an homeless shelter after 9pm at the grand. We will never stay there again. Casino is overrated and small as well. We didn’t even enjoy gambling at the grand because homeless people kept harassing us on our first night stay nonstop. I highly recommend taking your money elsewhere. I like ruby, but I dislike the grand hotel and casino. Sucks because this was our normal off Fremont hotel and casino.

  7. I ONLY stay here when I head to vegas. My host Curt is the absolute best and I just love the location. Never miss out on the Triple George. The Crawfish place is an absolute joke and told me they weren’t associated with the DTG, only after finishing our meal, when I was there over St Paddy’s day weekend-bummer. Thanks for reviewing. You did it Justice.

  8. We stayed there on March 28-29. They put us in the corner room, second floor facing the Golden Spike. What a fuckin nightmare. Pounding base all night long. Couldn’t sleep more than maybe 2 hours and it was through sheer exhaustion. Greg at the front desk took care of us and put us in a VR room which was very quiet. Thanks Greg.

  9. I stayed there Dec 27-30, 2022 and it's my third time staying there. I go to Vegas about 4 times a year and only stay on the strip maybe 2 times a year. Downtown Grand had great room rate, very clean and newer looking room in the Gallery Tower(same as the room in Ruby's video). A fairly new hotel maybe 10 years old. Comfortable bed. The bathroom looked new and clean as well. Freedom Beat had tasty food but wasn't very busy. You can grab a quick slice at Pizza Rock right across the narrow street. And it's good to be off of Fremont Street a bit so you can sleep at night! It's a great home base for a few days downtown! Thanks Ruby for the video!!

  10. Also all the times we’ve stayed at golden nugget we’ve never heard the noise from freemont. Just my knowlege. Fridges are at a premium in vegas, i take a collapsible cooler and find the ice machine. On to your slot play video now. Thanks

  11. A hotel with lots of table games, but no poker? We have talked about small updates about what possibilities there are to play poker. But it is difficult when there are no poker tables. 😅
    But otherwise it seems like a nice hotel, thanks for showing.

  12. Should mention that LVA coupon is good for up to 5 days with NO resort fee.
    Great place to have a great time. Food is very good and affordable and everyone is very friendly.

  13. We get blackjack from Ruby too? This Gal does everything. The only channel I get slots, food, room review, drinks & she wears. cool fashion too. Good job and this Grand hotel is a hidden Gem🎉👍🍀😻

  14. Loved this property in October 21 for EDC, Grand hosted a DJ pool party. Perfectly distanced from the Fremont craziness. The only downside not mentioned in this video is the garage.

  15. I showed your website to my banker she and her girlfriends are going to Vegas and we're very impressed with your videos keep up the good work we really enjoy the insight you give in a very down-to-earth unpretentious manner

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