I Stayed At Every Hotel On The Vegas Strip

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HELLO FRIENDS!! This is the video I threatened to film at some point last year – and finally, it’s here!! We’re big fans of Las Vegas and, in a moment of delirium, decided to stay in every hotel on the strip and provide the internet with a full report of our thoughts – just in case you need it. So, we booked a hotel room at every single one of the 33 casino mega resorts on the Strip – to review the rooms, vibes, and activities at each one. What happens in Vegas, gets uploaded to youtube, as the saying goes. What did you guys think? Which hotels were your favorite?

A quick note – it looks like the Strat price title is missing, we paid $80 there on a Sunday!

Also, when we say “Operated Independently” – we mostly mean, not operated by MGM or Caesars!

Also also – we did receive some comped experiences at Treasure Island, Resorts World, and Circus Circus – but that did not influence our review and we did not promise them positive coverage.

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Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Dave Szamet
Carrie Roper
Melissa Douglas
Clare Gelber
Jack Scott
Phil Kinney
Elizabeth Pinotti
Mike Pearson III
Steven Yonce
German Torres
Corey Glynn

GFX by Dayana Espinoza

Rachel Faulkner White
Sabrina Ford

0:00 Intro
2:56 Vegas Game Plan
4:48 The Four Seasons
8:04 The Delano
10:01 Mandalay Bay
12:57 The Luxor
17:14 The Excalibur
20:57 New York New York
23:42 Park MGM
25:23 The NoMad
28:13 The Waldorf Astoria
30:12 The Aria
32:18 Bonus Hotel: Vdara
32:47 The Cosmopolitan
36:18 The Bellagio
39:35 Caesars Palace
41:06 The Nobu Hotel
44:01 The Mirage
46:27 Treasure Island
48:58 Resorts World
52:53 Circus Circus
56:13 The Stratosphere

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37 thoughts on “I Stayed At Every Hotel On The Vegas Strip”

  1. You guys would be so fun to hang out with !! I love these videos they look so fun I love you guys!!! I just planned our whole little getaway from this video! Thank you!❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Is it weird that I have watched these videos at least once a month since they came out? I’ve never been to Vegas, I don’t drink or gamble. There’s just something about Safiya and Tyler inspecting an obscene amount of hotel rooms that is very comforting to me for some reason

  3. New here…thoughts: your narration voice is wonderful, the posing is an incredible waste of time (I even watch in 1.5x) and kind of a turn off…superb content, could be an epic channel if you turn down the narcissism just a tad.

  4. When I get the urge to go to Vegas but can't go, I watch this 2 part series. It feels like I'm actually there!! 😂😂😂
    Side note….I have been repeatedly saying….want to touch the hynie😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Fun fact:
    At 12:25 , the baby hammerhead you see is actually a fully grown hammerhead!
    These sharks are called bonnethead sharks and are the most adorable silly little guys you may ever lay your eyes on :33

  6. i would personally never go to vegas, whether for the pricing or because i'd have meltdowns from sensory overload constantly, so thank you for the nice showcase! really entertaining

  7. a very enjoyable and informative video… Even though I'm sure the Bally's room was probably a complementary upgrade, many of their rooms have been redone. Thanks for posting, it gave me a look at some that I've been contemplating for years!

  8. Safiya I just need you to know that this is my comfort video series and so satisfying to me. I love coming back to rewatch it when I want to have a lazy day and I love travel content so it just scratches the right part of my brain. I just came home from Atlantic City which is what inspired this rewatch 😂 I hope you make more videos like this!

  9. This was so informative! After years of lack of interest in going to Vegas, I think it’s time for me to go. Looks like there are more things for a non-gambler and non-drinker to do. 😂

  10. I went to Vegas because of this video for one day and it was full of cigarettes, drunk people, and I got harassed in the limited time I was there. 10/10 The Paris and Venetian were pretty cool yeah

  11. Fun fact about ancient Rome the reason all statues have smaller eggplants is because it’s believed that you were smarter the smaller it was, and if you had a big one, it meant that you were dumb and Aphrodite was trying to give you a like a helping hand in life

  12. In retrospect, my third time watching this, I gotta say that shot of Saf just screaming bloody murder at the top of her lungs while the big shot very slowly comes to a stop is underrated and fucking hilarious

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