I Stayed at the Most Expensive Hotel in SINGAPORE | Marina Bay Sands Worth it?

I Stayed at the Most Expensive Hotel in SINGAPORE | Marina Bay Sands Worth it?
Stay at Marina Bay Sands
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In today’s video we travel to Singapore to stay in the world famous Marina Bays Sands Hotel and explore the city. From Hawker Markets in Chinatown to Gardens by the Bay. This is why Singapore is one of my favorite countries.

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45 thoughts on “I Stayed at the Most Expensive Hotel in SINGAPORE | Marina Bay Sands Worth it?”

  1. I got to perform in the big theater inside the MBS for a month. Was an amazing time. I was sad to find out that only hotel guest could goto the pool. Prices were way less back then i think for a room. The food at the mall is also nice options. We stayed at a different hotel a few km away. =( Made alot of friends playing pokemon go tho. =)

  2. I think there's nothing wrong with taking those free small hygiene kits, coffee, slippers, teas, etc. as long as they are meant to be replaced. I've read a comment of a hotel staff and he said that those stuff are being replaced the moment you checked out the room. So it's less hassle for them if you take home those stuff because it much easier for them to put new ones.

  3. Thousand dollars is to expensive I am more into less expensive hotel and more exploring Singapore and the country.
    The Sands hotel sets to high with my luck it will collapse.
    You and your girl enjoy your bed and pool for a thousand dollars.

  4. The room is okaaay, not amazing. I've seen better and bigger rooms for much cheaper price. You're only paying $1000 a night for the amenities, which is the infinity pool. Is it worth it? We visited Singapore several times already. Thank you for making this video Brett, we were seriously considering to stay in that expensive hotel just for the experience. Now we don't have to.

  5. For a grand that’s a pretty unremarkable room. Nothing special. Just about any room in Vegas for a fraction of that is more special. The pool is pretty special I’ll agree.

  6. sorry, but I’ve stayed in Marriott that were a lot more luxury than that room looks. Check out the hotel in Dubai now that is a hotel to say wow about that room. I’m sorry it’s not that I was expecting it to be a lot more luxurious than that seriously I mean the furniture just it’s plain it’s nothing spectacular about the furniture I mean I don’t know what you paid for it but I wouldn’t give over a couple hundred dollars a night. I mean shit as far as that goes the Haven on the Norwegion Bliss is a lot more luxurious than that hotel room.

  7. Ohhh dear .. theh should give you other room. that room you were staying is no luxury as you staying at tower 3 the smaller room and not yet renovated. The real luxury room is tower 1 and tower 2 best amazing design cost between $ 900 to $ 1500 depend on the season / night.

  8. I LOVE SINGAPORE!!! I've only been there once. I didn't stay at this hotel, but I did take the elevator up to a lounge fairly high up in the hotel, a lounge that anyone can go to even if you're not staying there, and I enjoyed a glass of wine while I overlooked the water and the city. BEAUTIFUL! It is my dream to stay there for either a night or a whole weekend, as you did. Thank you for making this video.

  9. Many Americans have no clue nice nice and safe most of these Asian countries are ( except for China)
    I’m really looking forward to check out all of these countries, as soon as we retire…, 😊🙏

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