I Tried Online Gambling For 1 Week

I Tried Online Gambling For 1 Week

Description: In this video, I tried online gambling for 1 week to see how much money I can make. Throughout this video I tried numerous different methods of online gambling such as playing crash on roobet, gambling with Pokemon cards, and finally playing blackjack like RainMan. This video was definitely a rollercoaster of emotions but thanks to the strong end to this video we came out profitable. Please be sure to drop a like on this video if you enjoyed it, this one took me a whole week to film, edit, and produce. 1,000 likes and I will start an underground casino with my friends to make money.

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Inspired by Sodapoppin: $5000 BET (real money) online gambling – Did he win or lose?

35 thoughts on “I Tried Online Gambling For 1 Week”

  1. the start wasnt you being unlucky that type of crash is normal the strategy relies on having alot of wagerable dollars like the best bet is to have 1-10k with that strategy

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