Incredible Value Seafood Buffet in Vegas! | South Point Casino off the Vegas Strip

Second time lucky! It’s nice to know that there are some still some great value buffets in Vegas that are not only good, but offers amazing value and quality. This is my second time at the Garden Buffet at the @southpointcasino and it was just as good as the first! A couple of months back, I got a chance to visit this buffet and tried to share the experience, but mid-way through the dinner, I got called into work and was not able to finish the dinner. You know what this means… I’ll have to come back!

And come back I did! With the second visit just as enjoyable as the first with the mountains for crab; snow, dungeness and everything in between! Shrimp, oysters, sea bass, prime rib..they had all I desired and at such great value at $41 as of this visit. And upon entering the Casino, you know it’s a good value with the line that stretches from one end of the Casino to the other and even wraps around! You gotta come early for sure, but if you don’t, it’s okay as the wait will further promote your appetite! Oh, did I also mention beer and wine are included (red, white, and bubbly)! But as usual, it was a great experience made outstanding thanks to the gracious hosts and servers and the joyous fellow diners. Definitely check the place out if you have a the chance!

Again, thank you for joining me on the food tour! Here are some useful links:
• South Point Garden Buffet – Seafood Night

• Friday Night Seafood Buffet $41 (with loyalty card)
• South Point Hotel Casino & Spa, 9777 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89183, United States

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48 thoughts on “Incredible Value Seafood Buffet in Vegas! | South Point Casino off the Vegas Strip”

  1. Thank you, Sir Tim for featuring the Garden Buffet! We’d love to see you again. You paid attention to our names and you’re so nice to us. Thank you once again. Cheers! 🥳🎉

  2. Jackie was the most amazing chef at this buffet.
    It is so sad she is no longer there – the wait time for the seafood has increased so much and the quality decreased.
    We miss her so much 🙁

  3. A veterans day all vets and their family gets a free buffet and it was actually a pretty good one too. The wait was about 5 hours though because everyone wanted a free buffet

  4. What a wonderful video! The food looked so delicious and at a good price! Your coverage of this buffet made me want to go to Vegas just to try this buffet!! Thank you.

  5. We were actually eating there last week, free wine and beer as well, join the players club you get few dollars off for the dinner. Ceasars Palace at the Strip was a lot better but more expensive.

  6. Dear Tim, Thank you for all your help, You are one of the best people that explains all about where to go for good food and, not have to spend too much money for a Buffer.
    Please can you tell me if the South Point Casino Buffet open's every day and every night. I'm coming to Las Vegas on th 5of May and staying until th11 May.
    So I need to know of some Cheap places to eat. But not Mc Donald's.
    Thank you once again., Also I have to tell you that I think that you are a very nice man

  7. amazing food , variety and distinct flavors … I appreciate that Tim actually gives Honest reviews , if something doesnt taste great he says so , most of the so called " top food vloggers " just lie and say everything is good because they give good reviews in return for money , free food and free hotel stays .. Tim is not a sell out thankfully , refreshing .-)

  8. Mr. Lee, I'm afraid you're too nice to be a real restaurant critic. You have never eaten anything that you didn't like. Everything you try is "very good" or "wonderful." Those Oysters Rockefeller looked inedible and all you mentioned was the temperature. You're sweet enough to skip dessert.

  9. Tim Lee. You are the most humble, sweetest person I know. Especially in this day and age. So much hate. We need a breath of fresh air and you deliver. Thank you 👍🏽

  10. That's an excellent price for buffet. I just watched a video of Lady at bellagio buffet and it was 75 dollars. She said wasn't worth the money. Looks like you really got a bargain at South point.

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