Insane Tricks Casinos Use To Take Your Money

If you’ve never been to a casino, you’re probably better off. From the moment you walk in, casinos are subliminally tricking you into spending ALL your hard earned cash. But how do they get away with it? Watch today’s insane video to see how casinos trick you into loosing all your money. Instead of going home broke, just watch this video and save some dough.

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50 thoughts on “Insane Tricks Casinos Use To Take Your Money”

  1. This is true and if you go to your bedroom upstairs the casino, somehow it looks dull, darker and boring that you want to leave the room so you wind up going downstairs and gamble more. 😢

  2. Motorhead said "I will I'm going to lose, that gambling is for fools, but that's the way I like it baby I don't wanna live forever" yeah… I love motorhead, but I will never gamble. Coz…. I got tricked to gamble on a game before (rocket league)

  3. Whatever you do, Stay away from Oklahoma casinos.
    They don’t have to report anything to the government, such as payback percentages, meaning they can set their machines to whatever percent they choose.
    If you want to have a fair chance of Winning, go to Vegas, or other state run casinos.

  4. Also something like that are supermarkets
    Even youtube videos, the way information is portrayed. They capitalize on the short attention spam of people to not be made "boring". They jump from one idea to the other very quick specially that now a days people in general have an artificial adhd

  5. And also they ask your name when entering to monitor how much you won and how much you lost, if they know you are addicted the less you win the more you lose, even when you sit to play slots there are face detectors so that they know you are regular or new, if you new they will pay you good(win) untill you are addicted? Thus why you see addicted people never win good money but new comers they always win good money, it's like advertising

  6. I am working 20 years in the casino as Security and I must say you have valid points. No time clocks and marketing always create draws to attract guests to increase revenue. Big fan from Cape Town, South Africa

  7. Gambling addiction is real, please never go to a casino, cause it just ain’t fun or worth it, considering it can literally ruin your life and your life savings.

  8. Would love if the casinos smell like said in the video and not Smoke or "trapped odor" from people that definetly could need a shower.

    I do remember a trip to a casino with friends. it was great, I got free toast and free drinks. Think I gambled away like 800€…. Probably the most expensive toasts and alcohol I have ever paid for 😀 But it was expected. Be happy if I win, and expect the loss, try to enjoy my time there. Live casinos is great, Not fan of online that's a waste of money as you lose out on the experience of fun.

  9. I always did it that way: 50 bucks, no credit card, drink and eat as much as possible (it was always for free). For me this was a win win situation. Cost me less then a night in club and ther was always a slight chance to get a little money back.

  10. LOL, I was working overseas and lost my ATM card. I had a debit card, but being overseas, the bank would not give me the pin number (years ago when debit cards were somewhat new). I would take R&Rs in Panama. Go to a casino window with passport and debit card, get 300USD, play the nickel slots and drink a couple free Chivas Regals and move out and repeat.

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