Investigating Australia's gambling addiction | 101 East Documentary

Australians are the world’s biggest gamblers, losing $25bn a year. And poker machines are their preferred choice of poison.

Despite its relatively small population, the country is home to 20 percent of the world’s “pokies”, as the machines are known locally, with most found in community pubs and clubs.

Gambling causes widespread social destruction, but taking on the vested interests behind an industry that generates billions in profits and taxes has proved extremely difficult.

Now, after decades of failure, state governments are fighting back.

101 East investigates Australia’s battle against gambling addiction.

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30 thoughts on “Investigating Australia's gambling addiction | 101 East Documentary”

  1. It's an awful addiction…one full of great highs and lows…

    NSW definitely has a distasteful array of poker machines and there seems to be very little of any other entertainment at many of the clubs…
    Plus it's a very sedentary lifestyle gambling…
    WA has got the right idea.

  2. My brother is an addict… so much I wanna say here..first.. he won a lot of money gambling… I saw it… one we went to casino in Oklahoma north of dallas.. I take 100 bucks and only spend 60.. it was my rule and never broke it… cause I never won…so easy to walk away when I never locked up a machine for 1400 bucks..anyways we walk in.. he goes to high rollers area.. it's packed with people.. before I could find an open machine I understood how to play.. he calls me… time 3 min from us walking in door…. come over to players club I just won 3400.. bucks..I go over and they were at shift change so he had to wait 20 min fir his money.. his demeanor is changing quickly.. very gittery… hyper…he continues platin other games waiting for his 3400… I do everything I could to get him to get that 3400 and leave casino..immediately.. he couldnt.. that casino us 55 min from my house and since I only spend 60 bucks max I don't play long… but but the times to dud win like 40-50 bucks right after getting there.. I would cash out and drive back home after q5min of playing. I Plat to win money.. I don't consider iT fun in any way..I was happy with the 50 bucks so I could buy something for my hobby farm like a tool ir maybe a drill with free money… felt like present from brother won over 8k 2x in February of 2020.. he came to my house and threw it up into the air in my living room.. I had lost my job and house in forclosure.. he didn't offer me money either time.. like here's 500.. go get some food for your fridge… gamblers are the most selfish of anyone walking the steets.. he now lives in homeless shelter in Dallas downtown..he lost truck.. apartment..job..he now has nothing… we did everything to get him to go to rehab… we had UT setup once.. he refused.. I don't get it… for drugs rehab is going to hurt and be miserable..gamblers go on a vaca..great food massages..swimming and group discussion for 30 days for 40k… I wish I could have went…

  3. I use to spend $500-$900 or even more in the pokies as it was just an addiction, I was greedy and when I got greedy and lost I got lonely, it got to a point it was giving me anxiety, so now I’m 4 months sober and each month I make a coin I keep in my wallet to remind of who I am and the future I will have, to anyone reading this, there is more to life and you don’t need to play the pokies

  4. I'm a 32 Year Old gambling addict I gamble my wages every week. Lost $35,000 of my Savings. Lost concentration on my job. Last week I got formal warning about not meeting my Sales Target… $8,000.00 Credit Card Debt. No GF, no saving simply no hope. I have won $900 one night feeling happy only to loss $1000 following day…

  5. I was very bad. Won't go into detail about but it was very sad
    I managed to put a stop to that craziness
    Still a gambler but with a little more sense
    I I don't want to get back to that life again
    Nowadays i watched my friends loosing money unnecessary
    I vidit the casino x4 a month
    Once a week and very proud of myself ❤❤❤
    Stil needs to try to just stay away completely
    Praying for that day to come

  6. In The Netherlands we have a system called crucks, you can sign into there with in 30 seconds, and then you are banned from every online casino and land based casino. You can take a minimum of 6 months and a max of 99 years. Every country should have this system. It would help alot of those people who are addicted, they cant gamble anymore in a online or landbased casino.

  7. It's when you guys mean cashless cards and you're talking about possible insurance companies paying for gambling addiction then you're going to have a problem with insurance debt accumulation and people not being able to pay it off. if the cashless cards do not involve insurance companies, but include regulatory statutes that make slot machines cashless and force table games to be electronic, then we have a good argument politically for a cashless systems of gaming regulations. Note manually dealt table games also have to be included in these regulations due to the fact that once these regulations are put in place, the people with gambling addictions are just as likely to move to a table game which has a higher bet and lose even more money then they are to completely stop.

  8. You are playing at a mathematical disadvantage. Don’t do it. Winning is impossible This is the result. It’s also extremely unhealthy to sit in front of these machines for long periods of time. I lived in Las Vegas for 2 years and I never played a single machine.

  9. Many of these small communities have no other healthy, uplifting social activity outlets available that can compete with the casinos. The casinos have attractive entertainment, free booze, free or cheap hotel rooms, free or reduced priced meals to lure vulnerable, bored people looking for excitement, entertainment and the remote possibility of winning a little money. These communities would have half a chance if there were other available forms of entertainment and healthy activities that has a pokie-free zone.

  10. Darn that kid took his life after only 2 years of gambling! I’ve been playing for ove 35 years and lost 😞 everything and I think about suicide every day!😢but why would a young man do that so fast

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