Is The Martingale Strategy Valid?! w/ Mikki Mase

Is the Martingale strategy valid?! Discussion with Mikki Mase!

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Is the Martingale strategy valid?! Discussion with Mikki Mase!

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37 thoughts on “Is The Martingale Strategy Valid?! w/ Mikki Mase”

  1. Am i the only one who actually makes money using it? How is everyone losing more than 4 hands in a row? If you lose that many hands maybe you dont know how to read the board. (Baccarat). You should be winning at least one out of every 3 hands.

  2. Every strategy is a losing strategy overtime, even counting cards in blackjack cause you’ll get backed off so much that you won’t even to be able to truly take Advantage of the 0.5% edge it gives you. The chances of an 8+ streak either way in baccarat within a 6 deck shoe is so low that as long as you’re comfortable risking the money you shouldn’t let the fear of losing stop you cause wether you play martingale or some other strat you will eventually meet your risk of ruin one day and that’s something a true gambler accepts. You’d rather play a strat with a higher rate of return than payout so that as long as you aren’t sitting at tables for long and are playing lots of different shoes in short intervals you could easily run into a nice run of luck and double up in the long run cause avoiding a rare sequence of dealt cards in a span of 2-5 mins is a lot easier than a lot of other strats now. I guess regardless of what you choose to play The real question is when you lose would you rather feel unlucky or dumb?

  3. It’s only good if you are on like a boat casino or somewhere where they will let you bet 1 or 2 dollars, you’re not going to make a lot of money, but your drinks could be free that night

  4. Key is to have enough money to cover what the maximum is if your doing roulette and doubling on black every time you loose you would have to get like 30 reds in a row to loose your stack it’s good strategy but you only every win your original stake like he said so it is a bit nerve wracking once it starts to add up

  5. ⁠u guys aren’t betting the correct amount. Ur suppose to add up all the losses from the previous hands and double it. So let’s say if u lose 5 then 10 that’s 15 now put $30 now u lost $45 total now u double it to $90 bet, now ur doubling what u lost from the 2-3 previous hands not just the most recent hand from before. This is how it’s suppose to work.

  6. Do this start with
    Bet 1 – $5
    2 – $10
    3 – $30
    4 – $90
    5 – $270
    6 – $810
    And Soo on…. If u don’t have enough to double up from the previous losses just bet a little less just make sure u stick to the same side and don’t let ur emotions get in the way when ur losing all of this money cuz eventually it will hit. Cuz if u let ur emotions get in the way and u switch swides, u will regret it. It happened to me once I wasss soooooo angry. I went down 13 times I knew I shouldn’t of switched but I did it anyways cuz I got in my feelings and lost it all. If I would’ve just stuck to the plan I would’ve won all my money back plus doubled my money. And just left but nooo instead my dumbass decided to switch sides like an idiot. If I had money to play with this is what I would doo. U can’t lose because eventually it will switch sides. They have a max limit bet so like I said u don’t have to double up everytime.

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