Massive Top Dollar Jackpot Offer

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Hope you enjoy this insanely lucky run I had at hard rock Tampa! This all happened after I did a livestream with my Mom last week. We lost terribly and so we decided to We walked over to the high limit room and just fell into an insanely lucky hot streak of jackpots! I hit 4 within an hour. Was such a fun time, !!

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Please note I make these videos to share my personal experiences at casinos and beautiful gaming locations!! and
No it’s not always a winning day! I do also lose in my gambling adventures. But my main purpose here is to provide fun entertainment to share with my followers. So If you decide to visit a casino always set a personal budget and play responsibly! Never risk more than you can afford to lose. And if you or someone you know has a gaming problem please call 1-800-Admitit

Be well y’all and thanks for watching my videos!!

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39 thoughts on “Massive Top Dollar Jackpot Offer”

  1. That was awesome, better then the first one. Also your mom hitting that at the end after you hit. When the two doubles came out. And if the third one came out instead of the cherry oh boy! But it hit when she touched the spin. That was ironic, good carma next to you ❤❤

  2. What was that fellas name that screwed vagas machines for years ,ended up designing stuff to fleece jackpots think one was called light wand ,it mimmicked something when you put it in ………….the machine 😂😂 in the end authorities hired him to be there head security man ,this lady would of had one of his tools for sure 😂

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