Mikki Explains Why The Casinos Banned Him for Being TOO GOOD

Mikki talks about making so much money that some casinos he played at had issues paying him all at once, so they would rather have him not play at all!





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45 thoughts on “Mikki Explains Why The Casinos Banned Him for Being TOO GOOD”

  1. Well i just went to the ceasars palace and security cornered me and the stole all my tickets including 180 money boucher…that was so depressing 😞 I have been trying to get a hold of the cheif of compliance but they won't give me his work email or any phone number

  2. What a tool this guy is. There is 0 skill involved in bac. "I'm really good at math." No he's not. He can take down casinos? No he can't. What an absolute clown.
    And he caught a casino cheating? He definitely did not. Casinos don't need to cheat, especially at table games. They make their money from slots.

  3. This guy is SUCH a liar. Nothing he says is true. It's very easy to get banned having huge drug parties like this guy has already said he's had right in casinos. But "four guys banned in the history of the game of baccarat" is the most ridiculous thing too say. There is no history, there is no registry, he's claiming nonsense, like saying there are only four people banned in the history of chocolate ice cream and he's two of them because of his secret knowledge of chocolate ice cream.
    There is absolutely no way to beat baccarat. It's an extremely simple game with nothing but random cards coming out. If you doing know baccarat and you think it's line blackjack, it isn't. No special strategy is possible. Period.
    Next he tells this ridiculous story about playing with seven million dollars that he just brought with his McLaren. That is a pile twenty-five feet high, or seven large brown paper grocery bags full. It weighs more than Mikki does. He's not carrying that much info the casino without help and it's not just sitting "over there" just out of reach while security pins him in his seat over a valet ticket.
    He's just a scammer. He tells these stories to try to get foolish people to give him money to play with and then he loses it like any other degenerate gambler does. No one is banned for skill at baccarat because there is no such thing. I have friends in casino security who deal with the games themselves and everyone knows there is no way to develop any strategy or do anything to beat the game other than colluding with a crooked dealer or edge sorting and that's only while there were bad decks being used and a few players tricked the casino into ridiculous concessions and that's not happening anymore.
    Mikki is a scammer and a liar, absolutely for sure and without question.

  4. Says this one special time he gives the valet his keys because not everyone knows about the deal, proceeds to say “everyone knew I had my keys”… bud you can’t keep your story straight for FIVE MINUTES???

  5. I've met people who exaggerating is there thing but this guy literally did everything, has a story for everytime a subject is brought up, and knows it all .. But hey seriously maybe it's the truth… It sounds ridiculous to the norm but again he isn't the norm..

  6. Mikki is doing small hit and runs, the house edge will get him sooner or later. He is just getting lucky.
    He says the following:
    – he flat bets
    – he bets $250k hand
    – he is up 11 million according to spencer (that is only 44 units!)

    He is probably telling the truth but he has no “system” that works. The house edge is %1 which makes the game very beatable in the short run. Casino banned him because he spent the money and they can’t get it back. Also his comps are what got him banned (free hotel, tickets, air fare,concierge, bottle service, boxing tickets,etc), probably.

    The casino has banned him from playing but they will still let him play for his buddies which shows you they know his “system doesn’t work”. Also add to the fact that it was the casinos that told mikki to go on social media, it’s good advertising as I am sure there thousands trying to “crack mikki’s secret”.

  7. I always cash my check at this casino in Reno, they give me an ace and a $5 card, I would play 4hrs with that. I’m not a gambler I always play the minimum which was $2 minimum but I would always go home with $120 with out spending any of me money, I just to love black jack that’s what I used to played, I have no idea how to count cards, but if an first round no cards came up, then in the 2 & 3 round those monkeys have to come up. Like I said I was a $2 guy, but man I loved black jack

  8. He is very correct about what he is talking about. You don't want to tip the casinos about winning systems because, yes, once they know, they will change the game to reduce or eliminate your winning play. Never forget: casinos are not your friends. ✌️

  9. Aka the casinos don’t want you to tell their everyday customers that they are being cheated even though they don’t want to allow people who use their game to beat them. Funny how that works. It’s almost like they are the Mafia… oh wait.

  10. as a veteran roulette player, when it comes to coachin or teachin ur "strategy" to others.. he's absolutely right.. ur strategy is ur strategy.. u'll hafta figure ur own out.

  11. Mikki is so full of shit. There's no skill in Baccarat. The whole shoe is fixed players and bankers can not change the outcome. If he won all those millions he's just got lucky. To this date, I still don't know how Phil Ivy lost his court case. Edge sorting has nothing to do with it. Bets are placed first before cards are dealt. The outcome is fixed the dealer and Phil can not change the outcome. There's rule in Baccarat when banker or player has to stand or hit an extra card.

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