MSG Sphere Bombshell, Hawaii's Attack on Vegas, Premium Paid Parking & Martha Stewart's Giveaway

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Episode Description

This week lawmakers in #Hawaii proposed a law that would be an attack on Las #Vegas casinos. Originally proposed to block all ads from Vegas casinos from airing in Hawaii, the law proposal has now shifted to a hefty tax for vacation packages from the islands to Las Vegas. Why are they doing it?

In other #news the MSG Sphere finally confirmed U2 for an upcoming residency as it opens in September, 2023. We also discuss Aria’s gorgeous new high limit room, more paid/premium parking on the Strip, Martha Stewart’s odd Caesars giveaway and what is happening at Slots-A-Fun?

Produced & Edited by: Shawn Coomer

0:00 Barcode Burgers interesting “guarantee”
0:58 Hawaii proposed law targets Las Vegas casinos
2:42 Why Hawaii is trying to raise funds via new casino laws
3:58 Martha Stewart’s interesting “gift” for Caesars players – Tupperware time!
5:59 Strat and Circus Circus implement tiered & paid parking
7:40 Premium charges for parking, seats and more. The new norm?
8:48 What is going on at Slots-A-Fun?
10:30 Aria’s new High Limit room is gorgeous
11:59 MGM announces renovation to Bellagio’s Spa Tower
13:56 MSG Sphere confirms U2 for a residency
15:34 Will the Sphere’s marketing blitz work for the expensive venue?

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45 thoughts on “MSG Sphere Bombshell, Hawaii's Attack on Vegas, Premium Paid Parking & Martha Stewart's Giveaway”


  2. I liked the long video for the U2 announcement. god knows what the tickets will cost but i am going to one. Eating two bites of a burger then saying i don't like it is silly. Finishing the whole burger

  3. Hi another great video. You were talking about about the old spa tower at Bellagio and the drains. If you have an email address I can show you pics of my last 3 trips to Cosmo, backed up drains, sewage, broken fixtures, filthy rooms including human waste stains on sheets and sofas, mold, broken tiles. The place has been falling apart since MGM/Pandy takeover. I've gone there once a month for 7 years and when I found human waste in my room they offered me a $150. food credit. (same as booking online room) Not even a room move or upgrade. I'm a Platinum card holder. I have a feeling Cosmopolitan is going the way of Vdara. It would make a good topic to speak about.

  4. I’m from Hawaii and this is the first time I’m hearing about this proposed tax. Doesn’t surprise me, with our idiotic vision-less leaders. Personally, I book everything myself, a la carté. I don’t use a “package” vacation agency. It’ll only hurt those agencies. We have enough trouble with creating job diversity, and lawmakers are taking a step backwards with this one. When you said Martha Stewart was going to partner-up, I thought you were going to say that Snoop was gonna have a “smoke” bar at her restaurant…lol. This paid parking bs is getting ridiculous. Last trip, I went to eat at Baccanal at Caesars. Spent $80? X 3 for the buffet, $50 at the cigar shop, and gambled (and lost) about $100, and they can’t give us free validated parking ($15)? Crazy! Love the videos with all the current Vegas news! Keep up the good work!

  5. Really guys? Fly to vegas to go hiking only? You mean Hawaiins don't want to hike in Hi? .. or are not working their asses off to lug kegs of coca cola to serve howlies at the bar? Like, the healthy Hawaiians are going to hike in the red rocks … even the Astronauts go to hawaii to train for the "Red Planet"… and they are more than the !% of Hawaiians flying there? The only guy flying there that can hike is a 12th round pick for the NFL who is being drafted and is actually a high schooler from Samoa and who needs to loose 2 pounds by being in a dryer atmosphere … all water weight due to daily doses of McD's Teriaki chicken sandwich … not even to get in shape to make the cut. Yes this is too much, but proove to me that a hawaiian is going there to hike. Yes, a rediculous tax. 9th Island is terrible. California should not allow any gambling. Galamping … yes.

  6. Pay for Parking to go contribute to the "Casino's building fund"? Just wait until the next Recession, they will be begging for people to come and Valet Park free again. The Corp Suits either weren't there for, or don't remember 2008-09. That's why the Fontainebleau is finally just now being finished. Remember when they originally began Constuction? Feb, 2007.

  7. I don’t think Hawaii can do the kind of tax you reported on because it most likely would be unconstitutional at the federal level. They can not single out one city for this kind of tax since it affects interstate commerce. Also what is to stop the Las Vegas casino companies from changing what city they route their patrons to. As you noted Reno or Lake Tahoe in northern Nevada would work for many casino companies that have operations in many different cities and states. If the rates are low enough and there is enough variety in gambling casinos in the area most gamblers would accept that without the state tax. Also they may get a backlash from main land state gamblers and choose not to visit Hawaii due to them taxing gamblers. If they want the revenue then they should do like the other states and make gambling legal in their state.

  8. Today's casinos are consumed with finding more ways of taking peoples money, that what corporations and management groups are all about. Sad to say it but Las Vegas was a much better place to visit back when the monsters ran the casinos. Everything was cheaper to Lure you to their casino tho gamble. Buffets were insanely cheap while the food was great, you got better comps and perks. Today its all corporate owned and along with management groups, they own multiple casinos, not just in Vegas but all across the country. Everything costs more with them, the buffets alone at some of them is so expensive and not worth the price in most cases, you need to save up if your going to dine and play at today's casinos. Paid parking spaces added to you casino visit, crazy! They keep on the way their going, less and less people will visit their casinos, at least the Old Las Vegas would do way more and cheaper prices along with perks, to get people to visit. Greed is all today's casino owners know, if it wasn't for the Gaming Boards regulating them, their machines would be set so tight and if they saw machines paying out too much they would just set them to payout less.

  9. If it's taxes on LV group packages from Hawaii, it won't affect me. Sin taxes (alcohol, cigs) are easily legitimized in the spirit of "helping the addicts". Total bs money grubbing by the government. As long as they don't try to tax us for just going to Vegas, it's ok. I just buy airfare and stay where I get comps so don't need a travel company to guide me there anyway.

  10. IMHO, that proposed legislation in Hawaii taxing Las Vegas vacations is blatantly unconstitutional for any number of reasons. Besides, the top income tax rate in Hawaii is already 11%, which is huge.

  11. I personally love Bellagio the theming itself is not to in your face. I think it’s the most elegant property as for dining definitely do your research because it is definitely going to be all high-end. I personally love the rooms and the circus Olay show as well as the pool area, I personally find the size perfect. It’s not too large and I love that it doesn’t have a Nightclub that attracts a lot of strange crowds. I think it’s gotten into the best shape. I’ve seen it in years as of recently like the last few months during my stays.

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