My Thoughts on Gambling

Gambling is a risk, you either win big or lose everything, but if you buy my merch you always win šŸ™‚
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32 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Gambling”

  1. wanna learn blackjack according to a person who can't gamble?
    you get 14 or less, hit, unless the dealer has a picture or an ace (and sometimes a 9).
    if you have 16 or more, always stand.
    if you have doubles, split if they are more than a 6. (Or just split if you want)
    if you have a 15, pick your poison. hit and risk losing due to bust or stand and risk losing to the dealer.

    If you want to card count, it takes time. I haven't counted in a while, but I believe that when there is a 2-6 on the table add 1 to your count. if there is a picture or ace, subtract 1. increase your bet while the count is high (I haven't gambled so i can't say when the best number is to start raising.)

  2. Forget the airports, there's already slot machines and casinoes right at crossing over the Nevada state line by car (saw it while visiting family when they used to live in Vegas)! 0_0
    However, they had what looked like a lit roller coaster ride nearby too. ĀÆ_(惄)_/ĀÆ

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