Primm Valley Resort 2023 Tour – Dead Mall, Gutted Casino Floor & Closed Hotel!

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Episode Description

#Primm, Nevada is located just 30 minutes from Las #Vegas and has quite an interesting history and story to tell. Primm Valley Resort got its start as Primadonna in 1990 as served for many years as the area’s flagship resort. Unfortunately it has fallen on hard times and the building today is a shell of its former self.

In this full Primm Valley Resort property #tour I’ll take you inside and outside of the sad looking property. From the dead mall which sits almost completely empty to the casino floor which has been gutted for the Buffalo Bill’s reopening, things are a bit shocking. The monorails sit abandoned, the property lacks paint and there is bird poop everywhere. But thankfully you’ll still find some beauty at this struggling resort in the middle of the desert and I’ll show it to you.

Produced & Edited by: Shawn Coomer

0:00 Welcome to Primm Valley
0:44 Inside the almost abandoned Prizm Outlets Mall
2:56 Mall now cutoff from the casino & what stores are left?
4:36 Heading outside – building, landscaping and monorail in disrepair
6:00 Inside Primm Valley casino – Now halfway gutted
8:04 Primm Valley’s closed hotel & gorgeous stained glass lobby
10:16 More casino, the rotting exterior & a second abandoned monorail

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25 thoughts on “Primm Valley Resort 2023 Tour – Dead Mall, Gutted Casino Floor & Closed Hotel!”

  1. I used to work at that mall the year it opened, my senior year, at the Wilson Leather outlet store. That mall was insanely busy then, and my shifts would go by so fast because I was helping so many customers. Its crazy to see that its an absolute ghost town now. You didn't touch on it too much, but me being a Vegas local, the Sherrice Iverson tragedy was beyond sad. That guy that killed her was an absolute monster. Also her dad has some fault in this by letting her and her little brother run around a casino unsupervised at 1 am!

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us. It is definitely a sad sight.

    But, the resort never made sense to me. With or without the pandemic, I never expected the mall or resort seemed like good planning. Much like Gold Strike a little up the road which also failed. Who ever thought Gold Strike would be a success?

    A person going from Southern California to Las Vegas isn’t really going to stop and spend too much money an hour away from Sin City. They saved for their trip and already made plans which didn’t include Primm. Likewise, a person leaving Las Vegas to head back to So Cal has likely spent all their money and just want to get home. They don’t have the money or time to spend in Primm.

    At one time, Whiskey Pete’s made sense when it was the only game in town. When my wife and I were first married 40+ years ago, we spent many weekends in Lake Mead. There was nothing in Henderson at the time so we stopped at Whiskey Petes on the way to the lake for a $1.99 breakfast and dump a little money in the casino. Other times we just got bored and made the short drive from Barstow to Stateline to spend what money we had gambling and a cheap meal. We couldn’t afford a trip to Vegas.

    We were bummed to see Stateline grow and become Primm. It kind of took away from our cheap date night.

  3. This was mostly a place for motorists to kill an hour during I-15 to Los Angeles gridlock. They apparently took that one single client benefit as far as it would go. Once that was gone, they were in the middle of the desert for nothing.

  4. 1998 I booked a room online from their primitive website…. yes it was online for 14 dollars for a Monday reservation, but it wasn't the building you're showing here, was a red building with roller coasters around it. Sorry I haven't been in Vegas for more than 20 years.

  5. Stateline can still be saved. If a group of rich people started investing in land out there, they can build las vegas style resorts without all the homeless people. That area can eventually be a high sought after destination

  6. And this surprised me because they had just done alot of upgrades a few years ago to the rooms and restaurant. Will be interesting to see if they decide to sink more money into it, do a complete retheme or sell it. I used to shop at that mall all the time, Primm had the holiday shopping rewards like the strip casinos still have. Thanx for the memories😭😭

  7. Thank you so much for this Shawn. We watch this with my 80yr old dad who remembers when alot of these places were being built, he was so sad. But we watched the BB video first so he was glad to see it reopened, he's the one who got me hooked on those free stays with complimentary concert tix. When it was Herbst Terribles that was the best times. Yeah, i wouldn't eat one of those gumballs. Im surprised all that is opened with no security, but i guess wth is anyone going to steal, lol.

  8. I think that management is looking for buyer, and potentially to bull-dozing the property down. It does not appear that there are enough businesses to keep the place afloat much longer.

  9. Sad to see. Worked at the power plant behind the casino’s from 05 to 13. When they put the solar panels up and kicked out the off road racers they were done. They can turn it around if they can figure out another big draw.

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