49 thoughts on “Red Rock Casino Resort is the best luxury resort in Las Vegas. More value when you stay off strip.”

  1. Thank you for showcasing Red Rock Resort. it is everything you say and much more. Guests will not be bothered by panhandlers and faux showgirls hitting you up for massive tips just to have your photo taken with them. As a Las Vegas local, this resort is my preference over the rip-off strips resorts, none of which have 24 hour dining with the exception of the Venetian/ Palazzo.

  2. Only been there once about 15 years ago. Went to see the movie 300 with some of my friends. Can't remember much about the hotel. I only ever see it from a distance. But it's a nice area, so maybe I should go visit some day.

  3. She ruined it when she said it's a "family friendly" resort. That is a huge NO for me because I loathe this generation of kids and their 'hands off' parents that let them run amok as though every inch of the resort is their playground. I'll pass But thanks for the heads up!

  4. Not gonna lie, I live in Vegas & the Red Rock is definitely my favorite. I wish they still had that old school true authentic Italian restaurant. You're 4 sure gonna get the bang 4 the buck.

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