Staying at LUXOR Hotel & Casino Las Vegas in 2023!

What’s it like Staying at a Tower Premier Room at Luxor Las Vegas in 2023?

Watch my first Luxor Video!

Jaycation returns to the Luxor Hotel & Casino in 2023 to see if its still worth staying at! Instead of staying in the pyramid, we check out one of their tower premier rooms. We also check out what’s new around the hotel and dine at Ri Ra Irish Pub near by at Mandalay Place to check out the World Cup!

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23 thoughts on “Staying at LUXOR Hotel & Casino Las Vegas in 2023!”

  1. I'm shocked a blogger that prefers the pyramid to the tower rooms. Don't worry I prefer the pyramid just cuz it's right there where everything else is instead of a long walk to another building

  2. I stayed at Luxlor since my Wife wanted to see AGT. The Hotel is showing it's age. I definitely wouldn't stay again. I'd rather spend the money on a higher end Hotel in the middle of the strip.

  3. "Luxor" is a clever name, because on the one hand it's an actual place in Egypt with lots of ancient temples and palaces, but on the other hand the name suggests "luxury" and "deluxe" even though these have no etymological connection with the Egyptian Luxor.

  4. Nice video. Great info. Might stay there yet. What is the other tower called where you stayed before? Looks closer to the strip. Their buffet is terrible unless its changed. Thanks and take care.

  5. Funny, last time I was given a first floor room, I had a similar experience. The rooms feel too dark and I felt like the hallways were just funky smelling and worn. I went back to the frontdesk and just said that the room smelled bad. She kindly put me on the 17th floor and the ambience of the room was much better. Had a nice view of the pool. Still dark, but passable, especially with the light green chairs.

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