The Gambler (2014)

Academy Award® nominee Mark Wahlberg delivers a “career-defining performance” as Jim Bennett, a brilliant professor leading a secret double life as a high-stakes gambler. When Jim is forced to borrow money from dangerous gangsters, he places the lives of those he loves in mortal danger. With time running out, he must enter the criminal underworld and risk everything to keep from losing it all. John Goodman, Brie Larson and Academy Award-winner Jessica Lange star in the thrilling film critics are calling “gritty, intense and wholly engrossing.”**Scott Mantz, Access Hollywood

42 thoughts on “The Gambler (2014)”

  1. Anyone else have to stop themselves from getting sick every time he gambled. What a horrible feeling. I like blackjack. I can play on $20 for hours. I see people walk up and put down thousands of dollars and see the despair on their faces. Playing for fun is one thing, but playing to make a living is another.

  2. I died to materialism and greed came out the other side a minimalist and at peace. Money and things should be kept in perspective. True moments of serenity are more valuable than the universe.

  3. "And theres going to be a moment when I want something again, when I wont allow myself to be seen in this condition. But its not now, and its not up to you or anything you or anybody else freaking says, okay?"

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