The Gambler Who Beat Roulette

Roulette was supposed to be a game of chance, until one gambler cracked the code. For decades, casinos scoffed as mathematicians and physicists devised elaborate systems to take down the house. Then an unassuming Croatian’s winning strategy forever changed the game. For the first time, we find out how he did it.

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33 thoughts on “The Gambler Who Beat Roulette”

  1. I've figured out roulette. I play stadium roulette in casinos. They got statistics. I only bet on even money. I wait for one to go completely cold (the stats will tell you) then I start betting on it. If you chart even money, you will see that it's like a sine wave. There are troughs and crests. They go hot and cold. The median is 47%. They go down to 24% occurrence (cold) and all the way up to 70% (hot). Start betting close to the trough, and quit when close to the crest. Remember. Red can't stay cold forever. It's a mathematical certainty that it will get hot again. If you hang around these wheels, you will see these cycles again and again and again.

  2. I'm calling bullshit. I worked as a croupier for 8 years. If there was a legitimate system, I would have made a fortune. It's purely luck as the odds are stacked against you.

  3. When playing Roulette remember this simple thing: it is impossible to beat the table, the table is math and the math is perfect, but the wheel is physics and that can be beat.

  4. My casino has that exact auto machine at 1:19. I literally won 18 trips in a row UNTIL they changed out the ball, magnet in use and air blast knocks ball out of pocket. It is so clear it cannot be denied 💸

  5. my best session online. I went from 50 to 15K! with small str8 up bets on roulette. took me 6 hours to get there. OW IT'S HARD! BECAUSE THEY EXACTLY CHEAT!!! they simply just avoid winning bets from low rollers.

  6. If you've been to an tribal Indian Casino you will see that there are at least four types of roulette wheels used with colors and cards and blocks and small finger blocks

    No dropping of a ball

  7. I've had tremendous success at computer Roulette in the casino I have a system that's consistent where I win with more than what I started but the secret is to know when to stop

  8. I had a great idea, however someone else thought of it first called the Martin gale system. Like a coin flip you can get 6 tails in a row that would quickly destroy your account.
    You could however make the switch with odds evens and black and white as getting 6 tails with two coins is statistically far more improbable.
    There could be less chance of wiping your account.

  9. I just dont believe that. The last time i played roulette in a casino was probably 20 years ago. The croupier would set the ball off around the rim in one direction and the wheel spinning in the opposite. The number of obstacles the ball would hit on its way to rest, would change the trajectory in so many random ways as to be totally unpredictable. Sorry just not buying it. More likely that he and the security at said club concocted a plan to rip off the casino, or better still, this is a scam to get geeks back into casinos.

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