The Tran Clan That Terrorised Las Vegas Casinos | Cheating Vegas S1 EP1 | Wonder

In this opening episode of Cheating Vegas, we learn the classic tricks and scams that vegas cheaters pull to get away with millions. We learn how to spot a cheater and follow the story of basketball match-fixing and how it ruined one young man’s life.

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Cheating Vegas reveals a world we’ve heard of but have never really seen up close—behind the closed doors of Las Vegas casino security. Featuring hidden-camera videos, reenactments, and interviews with the top gaming investigators in the business, each episode will take viewers inside some of the most daring and elaborate scams in gaming history.

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20 thoughts on “The Tran Clan That Terrorised Las Vegas Casinos | Cheating Vegas S1 EP1 | Wonder”

  1. They @40:00 give him a year for going to shave and not doing it?
    The way I see it is – he made a bad choice and then corrected it. No harm no foul. He screwed up and it cost him his initial way into the NBA.
    But to make him do a year and he didn’t fix the game ,….sounds like somebody was using the justice system because they lost money!

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