The TRUTH about Cruise Ship Casinos. Don't play WITHOUT knowing this!

Please Remember to Like the video and leave a comment below! Cruise ship casinos are the most popular venue on the ship. You must be wondering how to WIN BIG on the high seas! Well, I’m going to tell you the TRUTH about cruise ship casinos. Don’t play without knowing this information. It will help you increase your chances of Winning BIG and not lose your shirt.

In this video we will go through all the ins and outs and what to expect when you set foot in the casino on your cruise ships.

We will talk about what games you might see, such as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and the ever present slot machines!

We will also talk about the casino loyalty programs each cruise line has. By playing you can earn additional perks on your cruise that is separate from the basic loyalty program for the cruise line for sailing. Some of those perks are free drinks while playing in the casino, all the way up to free cruises!

Hopefully these tips will help lady luck show up for you!

Let us know what games you like to play in the comments below. Tell us about your biggest wins!.

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— Cruise Ship Casinos. How to WIN BIG on the high seas —
0:00 Intro
1:21 Why do people play?
4:05 Things to know about cruise ship casinos
7:58 Games you will see
11:07 Best games to play
15:52 Wrap up

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11 thoughts on “The TRUTH about Cruise Ship Casinos. Don't play WITHOUT knowing this!”

  1. I've seen some videos that point out that land casinos are required to pay out over 95% on slots but most cruise slots pay in the 85% range. I have also heard that cruise casinos limit the odds bet on craps to double odds whereas land based usually allow 3-4-5 times odds depending upon the point.

  2. I am not sure the ships all have the dreaded crane or push game, but if they do, run not walk away. These are the worst games anyone can play even slots. And yes you will hear someone hit one for a winner, but save your money.

  3. I tend to take a bath when gambling on cruise ships. I always move my vacation money into my checking account and only take my debit card and some cash. I leave credit cards at home so, I do only lose what I can afford to lose but, those losses tend happen rather quickly.

  4. Roulette is the worst game other than slots. I was shocked you said it was a good game. Low stakes on ships make it take longer but not a good bet in any stretch.

  5. I have been cruising since 2001. I have only paid full price for 2 of my cruises. My first cruise I spent $300 on gambling. During Covid, cruise lines were really hurting for money and bookings. So they made the cruise deals impossible to turn down, especially if you live near a cruise port. I have six cruises booked from now till December of next year. One cruise in April is 16 days through the Panama Canal. I put down my $200 deposit, which is given back in on board credit, and I pay the port fees. My free cruises started with interior cabins,now I stay mostly in balcony cabins and twice a year I get a suite! I get $500 and even $1,000 in free play! I also receive a free drink package and sometimes my cabin mate gets one too! I usually get some specialty dining or a bottle of wine. I feel if I don’t take these cruises, I am loosing money. The most of my own money I spent gambling on a cruise ship is $1,000. Most people spend that to take a cruise!

  6. I understand that the rake is outrageous at cruise ship poker tables. Any idea which lines (with a human dealer like Royal Caribbean) have the least abusive rakes?

  7. If you plan to spend a good amount of time or money or both make sure early on you start a strong relationship with a casino host. If the host knows you are there for a good amount of "action" their job is to make sure the casino takes care of you.

    This can be in the form of free drinks, free wine at dinner, free specially dinning, and free play. You can even get free cruises 🛳

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