44 thoughts on “Three best affordable cheap budget hotel resorts Las Vegas Strip casino under $30 night Orleans Linq”

  1. $30 plus $40 resort fee. Also linq has been going WAY downhill. It was my go to for years until last august. I've stayed there nearly every year since it was Imperial Palace. It wasn't the flooding that cut them off for me, but staff has been more and more rude each trip over the last few years. Had to argue to get the room I paid for already (and still didn't, they wanted to charge more for a worse room at first) Room wasn't clean, had broken bathroom and other issues.

  2. I highly recommend getting an MGM card I mean it took me a few years but eventually I went gold and they takeoff the resort fees when you come. But even for the lower tier ones they usually will have some decent deals like 15% off and stuff

  3. Yo no way were not gonna talk about the guy in the beginning who broke his neck trying to look at that girls ass, right?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. β€œand you won’t die” Lmao!!!

    I walked through Excalibur last time I went to Vegas and if you like food courts like my kids, this was one a really good one. I’m probably not gonna stay there myself but I can see why someone would. I mean, you can’t beat the room rates.

  5. Bowling at Orleans is good, but the food court there is a little sketch – the actual restaurants there, incl the Fridays, are better. Excalbur is surprising to hear the rooms are good, because the casino floor seems to smell basically like cat pee and Fabuloso every time I've been through it. The Linq is pretty cool and I'm surprised it's one of the cheaper spots!

  6. I've been to Excalibur a number of times. My last stay, it was definitely a bit run down but not terrible. Thanks for the update. If I go back any time soon I may try it.

  7. I named the Excalibur. It's true. There was a contest to name a King Arthur theme hotel and I won. I got a room opening weekend and a buffet. I was a sixteen year old king of Vegas

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