TOP 10 Cash Game TIPS! [Master The Fundamentals]

Jonathan Little shares his top 10 cash game tips to help you start crushing at the poker tables. Learn these quick and easily implementable tips to take your poker game to the next level!

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🔥 1. Stop Open Limping 🔥

Many of your opponents will open limp, but this is terrible poker!
– You let other players see the flop for 1bb
– You let the big blind see the flop for free
– You induce a raise from other players
– You ensure that the casino will take a rake

Instead make sure you are always raising if you are the first player to take an aggressive action!

🔥 2. Raise With Reasonable Ranges 🔥

Many players do not know the fundamental ranges that they should be playing. Lots of players do not know that your range should change depending on your position at the table, the action before you & also the depth of the stacks. There are many variables that will change what range of hands you decide to play when the action gets to you preflop.

🔥 3. 3-Bet Often From The Small Blind 🔥

Paying the casino rake is really bad for your bottom line as a poker player. The small blind is also the worst relative position on the poker table. You should look to try and win the hand pre-flop when you decide to play from the small blind, the only way you can do this is if you 3-bet! Most casinos will not take a rake pre-flop which is why we want to be more aggressive rather than passive from this position.

🔥 4. 3-Bet Often vs A Raise 🔥

Many players do not 3-bet nearly often enough and play far too passively pre-flop. They never give themselves a chance to just win the pot and are waiting to ‘hit their hand’. By not 3-betting enough you also massively strengthen your range to only premium holdings when you do decide to 3-bet. Good poker players will figure this out very quickly and know exactly how to play against you when you do 3-bet.

🔥 5. Postflop – Consider The Range & Nut Advantage 🔥

Remember that each flop will usally favor one player over another. If you have a range advantage, you should usually bet frequently for a small size. If you have the nut advantage then you should usually use large bets.

🔥 6. Stop Slow Playing! 🔥

You want to play big pots with your best poker hands. So, when you have one of your best hands, make sure you are getting money into the pot! If you are the preflop aggressor then you should bet! If you are the preflop caller and face a bet then make sure you raise! There are a few occasions where it does make sense to slow play:

– The board is extremely uncoordinated
– Your opponent can have many hands that may improve to a second best hand
– Your opponent will keep betting on many turns
– You block many strong hands that your opponent could have

🔥 7. Play Cautiously Multi-Way 🔥

When lots of players see the flop it is highly likely that someone has something! If it is not you, then it is going to be someone else! This forces you to play extremely cautiously in multi-way pots. Do a lot of checking from out of position. Betting for value/protection is usually fine when in position. Remember that you need a much stronger hand when playing with multiple players compared to when you are in a heads-up pot. Remember to not stack off too lightly!

🔥 8. Exploitatively Over-Fold To Large River Bets 🔥

Most players hate getting stacked! For this reason, when most players want to put all of their money in the pot, they usually have a premium made hand. Equally, most players hate getting caught bluffing. So, almost no one bluffs enough. Your exploit against these players is to over-fold against them!

🔥 9. Keep A Proper Bankroll 🔥

You will inevitably have large upswings AND large downswings. You should recognize this and plan ahead. Even if you have a huge win rate, you should keep at LEAST 3,000 big blinds in your bankroll. If you want to be overly cautious then keep 7,500 big blinds or even more.

🔥 10. Stay Sane 🔥

You must try your best to stay in control of your emotions. Don’t get too happy when you win and don’t get too sad when you lose! Cash games are one long session, try not t o focus on the short term. And always remember my biggest tip: Volume cures variance!

To win at poker:

– Find a game you can beat
– Play it a lot
– Keep a proper bankroll

0:00 – 10 Tips To CRUSH Cash Games!
0:14 – #1 – Stop Open Limping
2:25 – #2 – Raise With Reasonable Ranges
5:15 – #3 – 3-Bet Often From The Small Blind
7:32 – #4 – 3-Bet Often vs A Raise
9:58 – #5 – Postflop – Consider The Range & Nut Advantage
13:43 – #6 – Stop Slow Playing!
16:48 – #7 – Play Cautiously Multi-Way
18:57 – #8 – Exploitatively Over-Fold To Large River Bets
20:43 – #9 – Keep A Proper Bankroll
21:52 – #10 – Stay Sane!

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21 thoughts on “TOP 10 Cash Game TIPS! [Master The Fundamentals]”

  1. Tip # 11: DON'T PLAY DISTRACTED!!! Don't try to play Pokemon Go, gamble on sports bets online, watch a football game, etc when you're trying to play your best poker. You will miss key information from tells, better patterns, etc when you're over-exerting yourself!

    Tip # 12: TAKE A BREAK!! If you're getting mentally drained STOP! you won't be at your best if you are playing on tilt, bored, tired, etc.

  2. Small stakes player here. I like to play tight passive to begin, build up some profit before turning on the aggression – 3 bet/range bet/check raise etc. I know this is a weak state of mind, but it’s what makes me comfortable. Must I change?

  3. Ok at 22:50 I fell off my chair laughing. And just before that "grow up" Wow I have not heard good solid advice like that is 40 years. Go Man Go. I am sure this vid will be deleted. Too real. Love the content.

  4. The only time I open limp is if I know it will entice other people to call and someone will raise.
    That I can 3 bet.

    I do not do this play often but will pick my spot

  5. I’m not sure whether in my local game if in fact just raising 3 or even 4x is the best/highest EV raise size as opposed to a larger raise sizing. I also don’t play in games that see flops two way, and often two way involving late position and a blind or two late position players.

  6. I've been meaning to say something for a while but you record your audio way Low or your microphone sucks. When I'm listening to you on my phone and I get a notification. Or something else it blows my ear drums out because I have it turned up so far.

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