Top 10 International Moated Businesses: Semiconductor, Electric Vehicles, Bio-Tech, Casinos, etc.

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Dear viewers, what if I told you there is a way to benefit from the Electric Vehicle Revolution, Biotechnology Evolution and the ever-growing Semiconductor Industry? In today’s video, we will discuss the Top 10 International Moated Businesses which are benefitting from these trends and have low risk business models. This is one of our best videos, as studying international businesses helps us to broaden your and our perspective. For an investor the entire world is his oyster!

Time Stamps:
🏰 Home Country Bias: (0:00)
🏰 Online Casino Operator: (2:38)
🏰 Ecommerce Platform: (7:53)
🏰 SOIC Membership & Deep Dive: (13:34)
🏰 Play on EV/IOT/5G Etc: (14:55)
🏰 Niche Aircraft Parts Manufacturer: (20:43)
🏰 A Retail Club with Moats: (24:00)
🏰 Biotechnology: Razor Blade Economics :(28:39)
🏰 A Luxury Auto Maker: (34:17)
🏰An Absolute Monopoly| Semiconductor (36:30)
🏰 Software for Pharma Industry:(39:22)
🏰 An Outsider CEO| Berkshire of Software: (42:08)
🏰 Sports Betting Software| SAAS: (44:57)
🏰 Conclusion: (47:54)


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📣 Disclaimer: We are not SEBI registered investment advisors. This video is only meant for educational purposes and nothing constitutes investment advice. 📣


50 thoughts on “Top 10 International Moated Businesses: Semiconductor, Electric Vehicles, Bio-Tech, Casinos, etc.”

  1. Thank you so much, you are only one Channel that i found who covered both India & US Stock market. Appreciate your in-depth analysis and details.

    May i ask you advice which are major moat company in US like pidilite, Asianpaint, Astral, Divis, Nestle etc which can beat the S&P 500.

  2. Thank you ishmohit for bringing this level of details about company having moat in their respective fields. This year I have started investing in US stocks n m glad u bring this video which is not about FANG stocks. Hatssoff

  3. 48:48 Salute for your honesty and you give us many more practical knowledge and practical case studies. I learn more practical theories in your videos as compared to worthless British education system of India.

  4. Kambi,nasdaq listed,described by U in top 10 international businesses, has declined from 375 to 220 now very recently in just 1 day,,kindly shed some insight as to why has it happened,is it an oppr to invest,(this in no way takes away any effort put in by you to teach us newer businesses worldwide,)

  5. Liked the way you explain everything. Agree, ASML is leader in lithography and their latest EUV tools comes around $120 million. A fab which works on 7nm and below can have more than one such tool and there are plenty of other tools in different module to manufacture wafers. I think you misquoted the price of a latest fab, it should be 5 to 15 billion dollars.
    Semiconductor manufacturing is costliest industry in the world.
    Thank you for your deep dive analysis.

  6. SOIC बहोत ही बढिया चॅनेल हे, बहोत नॉलेज मिल रहा हे 💐

  7. Before watching this video I thought You will only talk about Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, Alphabet, etc. But you surprise me. This is outstanding knowledge. Your every video has something that adds value to my journey of investing. Now eagerly waiting for the top 10 large-cap companies in the Indian context.

  8. Hi There, Very Happy what you are doing, I would like to request a video on SRF Ltd., would like to know was this company not on your radar or missed, this company has been showing good results since long. Hope you do a video on this. Thanks!

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