Top 10 Open Las Vegas Casinos during the pandemic/Las Vegas Poker Vlog #14

Fish Poker vlog documents my stay at the Treasure island in Las Vegas Nevada on August 5th thru the 7th 2020. Las Vegas Poker has changed because of covid 19 and This Las vegas walkthrough shows you the top 10 Las vegas casinos that reopened and which Las Vegas poker tables are open to play at
. I also play amazingly great poker at the Venetian in Las Vegas at the 1/3 table with plexi glass all around so stick around and please consider subscribing if you enjoyed this video. thanx!

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16 thoughts on “Top 10 Open Las Vegas Casinos during the pandemic/Las Vegas Poker Vlog #14”

  1. Bro I wish they had a heart button instead of a light button I always dig your videos funny as hell very good quality I wouldn’t of folded my queens if I knew I was still going to profit either that’s what gambling is we know that I’m heading to Vegas August 20 through the 24th Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday leaving Monday if you’re available meet me there I’m bringing my girl too. Definitely put me down for one of those facemasks as a matter fact two of them my girlfriend will wear that while we’re there whether I win one in a raffle or buy one from you let me represent next week🤙🏼

  2. Nice video. Not sure which floor guy you talked to but poker is open through the week here. Bellagio, Orleans, Venetian, Aria, South Point and now Red Rock all have many tables through the week. It has been pretty quiet but this weekend was the busiest it has been in awhile. Played at the Bellagio till about 2:00 am and room was packed when I left. Glad you made it out here! Keep up the videos!

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