Top 5 Facts About Casinos and Gambling

Casinos and the gambling that goes on inside may seem like completely harmless and wholesome pastimes, but is it possible–just maybe– that there’s a dark and treacherous underbelly to all the glitz and glamour? Welcome to WatchMojo’s Top 5 Facts. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

In this instalment, we’re counting down the most interesting and kind of ridiculous facts about casinos and gambling.

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23 thoughts on “Top 5 Facts About Casinos and Gambling”

  1. Here's another. Casinos have long been known to use air fresheners to keep gamblers in the casino. Not that they're going for some form of overt mind control, but certain aromas can affect peoples moods, and a strategic injection into the ventilation system can subtly help people stay in a positive mood.

  2. Here's one: there are no clocks in casinos. Casinos will use any non-overt tactic to keep you at the tables and it's too easy for you to keep a schedule for other things if you know what time it is. Yes, you might wear a watch or use your phone, but the casinos aren't going to give you any help.

  3. Meh gambling to me is just for fun. I take an amount I'm willing to lose and once it's gone I leave. Might even get lucky and win more than I came in with XD

  4. 5) What a joke. 666 billion (can't make thatnumber up, well, you can, but it's not) on yearly military spending. Greedy MIC just wants that sweet cut of the pie.

    4) Yeah, wouldn't visit a casino if pron to violent seizers.

    3) Thus setting the example for native americans everywhere.

    2) If you lose, everyone hates you. If you win, everyone takes credit.

    1) Why I break the "don't count your chips at the table rule". Everything is math, and I'mma stay as informed as possible. Why I only lost money once on cards, broke even or slightly above most, and even won a few hands. Supersition is no match for common sense.

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