11 thoughts on “Top 5 Myths of Cruise Ship Casinos”

  1. I lost everything pretty much first night and then second night, real late, I hit a hand pay jackpot and got all my money back. Got a bottle of wine sent to us for dinner and by the time our cruise was over, everything was done and spent. Be prepared to walk away when you are up. ELATION October 2022.

  2. We played the last time we cruised on RC. We donโ€™t gamble on land, but my husband and I found it a lot of fun. I won $648 on a $5.88 bet on Dancing Drums. We continued to play everyday we werenโ€™t in port. We ended $200 up plus we received $100 voucher toward a future cruise. Iโ€™d love to hear wins/tips/strategies for game play. Also, I would love to hear about cruise program benefits.

  3. We are on a Princess cruise soon. We got a lot of on board credit (OBC) $500 to $600 on this cruise. Is there a way I can use OBC to buy chips then play a little bit and cash out for cash? My goal is to cash out my OBC? Will this work?

  4. The reason they say to gamble the most on the first night, is that the casino host will watch who the gamblers are for the first night or two, when deciding what comps to give. On my last cruise, They sent me flowers to my cabin by night 2, a plate of chocolates night 4, and a bottle of wine night 5. On night 3, I spoke to the casino host, and was comped for 2 dinners at specialty dining. I did continue to play at the casino throughout our 7 day voyage. By the end of the cruise, I received a letter with a free mini-suite cruise up to 10 days.

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