Top Poker Tells with Joe Beevers and Jeff Kimber – Grosvenor Casinos

We caught up with Joe Beevers of the Poker Mob and fellow Grosvenor Casinos professional Jeff Kimber to find out their top poker tells. These include when and how players look at their cards and chips, body language, bluffing and how players bet.

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43 thoughts on “Top Poker Tells with Joe Beevers and Jeff Kimber – Grosvenor Casinos”

  1. I remember sitting at the table once. Everyone around me limped, I folded, then the guy on my left had the most gaumless look on his face when he looked at his cards. Sat there for about 10 seconds and limped. I just wanted to say "hey dealer, I saw his cards, he has aces."
    Went to showdown, he had aces 😀
    Honestly, if this had been a poker movie, the director would have told him to tone it down a bit lol.

  2. I know the “staring at flop” is weak tell… I flopped str8 flush years ago.. stared so hard at the flop hoping to look weak… then acted out of turn by mistake with stupid bet…. and fold,fold,fold,fold… won 6chf blinds…

  3. These guys grinding the 1/2 tables or what…. pros dont use live tells because they dont work against most decent players. Dont think you'll move up in stakes through mastering live tells because you wont you'll loose a lot of money even trying. Either Learn to play poker like a computer would or use a computer to play for you like most internet pros. That's how you win.

  4. I thought the guy on the right was doing the face on purpose(to comment on it) … wtf is wrong with his mouth

    Edit: when the guy on the left looks at him he’s completely blank 😂 and then the far away cam shot just makes it even better. This is so dumb

  5. The guy pulled his t shirt over his face and cap over his eyes ,, this should be bannned ,, what’s next poker players wearing balaclavas ,,and sunglasses ,,that’s not poker it’s cheating.

  6. Just watch how Tom Dwan plays. When you’re involved in a hand, just stare at the pot. Possibly look at your opponent if you want to get a read, but otherwise just stare at the pot. Also, try to always keep your decision time close to the same, around 10 seconds. If you always take the same time then they can get no read from that.

  7. @1:55 wrong. You can also give a genuine smile if you are genuinely amused – as I usually am if I’m bluffing out my arese and I’ve put my opponent in a tough spot.

    Thinking about that while watching the rest… that’s probably a tell in and of itself. If I’m too happy it likely means I’m in a deceptive mode. I tend to get dead serious if I’ve got a strong hand. Hm.. have to reflect on that.

  8. This is why I always wear a baseball hat with my head tilted down so no one can ever see my eyes and I stay relatively quiet with my body throughout the session

  9. Play good cards and U win. Know when to walk away U win. Play all these stupid head games U lose! I was a dealer for many years I can fool anyone on a poker table.. But I just play good cards and don't try stupid moves unless I am stuck.. Most times if I can't catch a card I will walk away for a bit or find another table. Cards win the game. NOT TELLS!

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