What you need to know about FREE RV CAMPING at CASINOS

We are on a RV road trip right now and taking advantage of free camping at casinos. Casinos are very welcoming because they want you to spend your money inside. We are sharing what we’ve learned over the past year of traveling.
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45 thoughts on “What you need to know about FREE RV CAMPING at CASINOS”

  1. Black hawk Colorado is the thing but casinos and no RV or truck parking in the entire city, I kid you not I just got back from a road trip up there and by 23 foot phoenix cruiser. Also no parking in any Walmarts or shopping centers in the Denver metro area

  2. I think you did a great video. I lived in Santa Fe during my Jr High and High School days. To bad you did not get to go down Canyon Road. When I lived there in the "60's" (hippies everywhere) Canyon Road was where the starving artists had all there shops. Very fun to go down that street.

  3. Look out for the power lines!   You have to pay for the enjoyment factor of losing your money. The meals usually make up for the pain. HA   I always enjoyed I-40 to I-35 north to KC and on to Des Moines. Happy trails.

  4. don't they have cameras in there places ? i don't understand there crying over someone having a camera, i just wouldn't bother with them, they're not getting my money.

  5. We have reservations at a casino in between Gallup and Albuquerque in late July for a great rate. Full hookups. I think it is very small. Using that as a stopover before going into Colorado. Looking forward to it. I do enjoy all your videos and I love to visit Santa Fe. Loved the drone shots.

  6. if you only start with $20 you will have a tough time making money, we used to do that and almost never came out ahead. we switched to starting with $100 and are way ahead, in the grand scheme of things risking an extra $80 is not the end of the world, but it usually makes for a much better and lucrative experience, just our opinion, hey you only go around once. love your videos!!

  7. First time watching one of your videos. Wow, an RVer that drives in the right lane and maintains a reasonable speed. I like your style. I'm impressed. Subscribed.

  8. Another great video. Love to watch U 2 interact with each other. Just great. By the way I never heard wether or not you got to go on the boat with the Wynns or not. He could use your help with fishing. Jim in Yosemite, Ca.

  9. The driver might have had what's called a familial tremor and not Parkinson's. As for the Louvre pricing, I'm sure that the French government subsidizes it quite a bit.

  10. Did you get to see the Camel Rock? It is a rock shaped as a Camel, I heard that most recently the erosion was breaking the rock down. It's on the opposite side of the freeway from the casino. The Georgia O'Keefe museum is fabulous! Super expensive especially around the plaza. Awesome drone view. Thanks for the great tips about Walmart and Casino RV overnighting.

  11. We plan on a lot of cross country trips and casinos are on our list of places to stop. On a side note, as a word of precaution, a lot of your drone footage would be considered illegal based on the new drone laws. The biggy is flying over people, and flying in a city. Both are no-nos unless you have written permission from the city and the people under the drone. (I do drone video professionally and have to deal with the rules all the time) The new laws are much looser than they were, but they can still take your drone away, and that would suck. Love the footage, but just be careful that's all.

  12. Seeing Remy in the RV made me wonder. How do you keep it cool in there when you're gone? AC, just the fan? I ask because I'm saving up for an RV and want to travel with my pup. Thanks for any tips on that.

  13. We have nice art museums in our city that we don't often visit because of the cost. A few times a year they have free admission days but, you can barely see the art because of the crowds.

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