Why Martingale is Bad!

Why Martingale is Bad!

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Why Martingale is Bad!

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28 thoughts on “Why Martingale is Bad!”

  1. Alex; you're not a piece of 💩 degenerate gambling addict. You are a professional gaming expert who generously contributes to our local Vegas economy, brah. Thanks for all of the Roulette Wheel winning tips.

  2. I agree! that's also what I like to do. I like the power press systems where you put your winnings and hope they will get on a heater.! I'd hate to chase a 25$ win by betting 800$.. but I'd love to reverse Martingale to a certain point and then get out.

    so much fun systems.. but usually when I play I just pick hot numbers and hope they hit again.

  3. All these comments about “table limits” and other things that would stop the strategy but in reality martingale is just flawed in its design. Probability doesn’t increase over multiple attempts, it just gets closer to its expected result as more attempts are done. Betting on a color in roulette is always below 50% chance of winning due to the 0 and 00 (green). Roulette is always a losing game and therefore martingale is a losing strategy.

  4. I would start playing a lower routlette table and start betting the dozens, double on loss, then move to a higher stakes table to contiune the martingale, and because its a 1:3 return + the double, i walk out up casually 10k higher. Please showcase this method

  5. I have seen black hit 16 times in a row… Yes I lost money, yes I learned a big lesson. Now I stop betting after 4 losses which only sets me back a reasonable amount. I still use the strategy though with decent results. Using Martingale on Double D's while playing with a friend is your best option as long as your friend is willing to split the winnings with you. You cover the 2 of the 3 sections, your friend covers 2 of the three rows… giving us an 83% win rate 🙂

  6. & god damn 20 $ min? ppl must be broke in wasington state. i judt saw a 3$ minimum roulette table lololo. it was auto roulette though. & showed 2 roulette screens . could bet on both simultaneously if want

  7. this is why need to do my modified version of martingale. where j wait until u observe a streak of 3-5 in a row of same 1:1 or 2:1 result -> then you start to bet against that. & from your starting point of betting against it you if lose dont double bet. because like u say not a lot of $ won in end. the increase needs 2 be 2.5x or 3x

  8. All betting strategies can work .in this example martingale betting strategy works if you can place your bet in the correct place in a given amount of spins , it’s you that is failing the martingale not the other way atound

  9. Logically, if you are wise, you won't lose 10 in a row, especially with my roulette zig zag probability method. Martingale should only be played using low funds, so table max won't matter. I have a 90% win ratio every time i go to the casino. Never play online!

    I played reverse Martingale and lost faster! Would you rather lose your wagers faster or slower? The purpose of Martingale is to get back the original amount of your starting wager back! Not risking or doubling up your bet when you win.

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