Why People Are Losing Money in Casinos? Maths of Casino Games Explained

Is it possible to make money in casinos and always win? Learn about casino games and how they work from the mathematic point of view. Casino Guru explains terms like return to player (RTP), house edge, volatility (variance) etc. Find out how games of chance work to make good gambling-related decisions.

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27 thoughts on “Why People Are Losing Money in Casinos? Maths of Casino Games Explained”

  1. Blackjack is different. Blackjack odds vary as cards are removed from the deck. When the 5 of diamonds has been played, it can’t come up on the next hand. It can’t come up until the deck is shuffled
    . So by increasing your bet when small cards are out, your chances of getting blackjack increase. Both dealer and
    Layer have the same chance to get blackjack
    , but you get paid 3-2 on your blackjack while the dealer gets only even money. So blackjack can be beaten in the long run.

  2. human phycology/nature make the casino win more too. if you are down you want to play more to get your money back and if you are up you want play even more to make more, eventually you will blow everything. long term casino always wins easily

  3. And if you do win big they will give you a free hotel room and free meals and when you are sitting in the room you can try to sleep all night but I promise you at some time Doron the night you will go back in the casino and say maybe I can will a lot more??

  4. This video is a joke, at best, dead wrong at worst. I will not specify what I mean, but if YOU know, you know. There’s a particular game in casinos, (in most, but not all) that absolutely CAN be beat in the short AND long term. But it requires patience, practice and discipline (money management). If you’re able to MASTER all of those (plus 2-3 more) will absolutely enable you to beat the odds. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to learn a casino was involved in this video, somehow…Carry on…

  5. This video is 100% FALSE, here is why. If online slots were random, you would win some, lose some, and in the end you lose more. But
    here is why its false. 1:13 imagine a game which we flip a coin. Flipping a coin is 50/50. There alot of times, that games online allow
    you to do bonus buys. You can buy 10 back to back, and end up with the same result total pay. This has happened to me alot, more than
    90%, and I have the videos that I can prove it. Regardless of the casino. The casino wins in short term too, till today, I have not had one
    casino that im up in, short term or long term. Been gambling all these years. Lately it has gotten worst. More like RTP = Return to Provider
    95.3% that mathematical makes more sense. Online slots are not random, the game provider decides when to loosen the slot to pay
    or not. If they close that particular slot from paying, you can do 1000 buys and and spin and keep losing more. Bottom line is, online
    casino are not fair at all. Only land based ones.

  6. there is no way this can be 100% accurate. How many times, besides every-time, does one leave a slot after pumping money into it with minimal payback walk away and someone sits down and hits immediately? This has to be built into a slot because it happens WAY too often to be "random".

  7. That's one of the comments on trustpilot of one of the people who has something to say in that topic.I must confirm that what this person is described in her review it's true as I experienced everything on my own skin.Im not blind and can see wherever something isn't right especially if I'm playing one game nearly every time and suddenly the game during play acting completely different.How is even possible to play the same game in one day on 10 different casino sites and on none of them have a bonus round and loose every single penny.I really recommend to read the review I copy and paste here you may have a change of prospective on fairness in casinos in UK especially.

    A reporter in malta was murdered by mafia because she was about to uncover the corruption engraved in the gambling industry .A car bomb was put under her car and she was killed before she could leak any information to the public about the corruption that goes on within the industry
    The worlds goverments allow these fraudelent gambling sites to operate turning a blind eye to these issues because of the tax revenues yeilded from the gambling industry which is too beneficial to their countries .
    The gambling commision is a front its only there for regulation purposes nothing is done about any complaints i can assure you because i use to work for them and know exactly what goes on behind the scenes .Its all corruption from the gambling commision to the online casinos all the way up to the worlds goverments . If a online gambling site notices you are making cash from them you will be red flagged on their systems and the game your playing will be digitally manipulated in the houses favour to stop you winning , if somehow you manage to get over this obsticle and somehow win they will be told by senior management to restrict your account so your chances of winning will be severley limited . Take my advise do not play at online casinos its all a massive con .

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