Why Tuscany Suites is The Best Hotel in Las Vegas!

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In this vlog we’re staying at the Tuscany Suites and Casino just off the Las Vegas Strip. We will review the room, a deluxe executive king suite, as well as the pool, fitness center, spa, restaurants, lounge and the casino floor. This is a great hotel for business travelers coming to Las Vegas for a conference or convention.

27 thoughts on “Why Tuscany Suites is The Best Hotel in Las Vegas!”

  1. I’d like to tour the dark underground tunnels and test my post apocalyptic survival skills against the hordes of walking dead zombies… My only weapon would be a pair of chopsticks 🥢 leftover from lunch at Lee Ho Fook’s in Chinatown…

  2. Wait a minute!! The room looks great, but they could not supply at least a dorm size microwave?
    UPDATE: Their website indicates microwaves are available upon request.

  3. It's so refreshing to see a video of place off strip. I'm planning to be in Vegas in June. Currently booked at the Flamingo. I'm really really thinking about changing to this place. Well done😊

  4. Looks like such a nice place. Talking about the wine being out in the open, I was at CVS by the Mirage one evening, and a young lady, you can tell immediately she was 'off', she walks in and goes to the potato chip display by the front doors. She walks around the display, picking 5 different flavors of potato chips, large size, and walks out the door with them. I told the manager, who shrugged and said there's nothing they can do.

  5. Wife and I stayed at Tuscany suites once a few years ago, only thing we didn't like was the walk from the hotel to the strip, lots of sketchy weirdos sleeping or lounging on the sidewalk, and didn't feel comfortable with vehicle parked outside

  6. What a great review, this is my husband and my kind of place, glad there is not many kids and that it's clean! Even though the total is 100.00 (stupid fees and taxes😜 ) to stay that's still pretty good! 😊👌

  7. Hi, Jacob…, Excellent video and very informative and "Thank you" for sharing the video ! ! Your friend always.., Mike in Montana P.S.: Once again, thank you for the heads-up on the "Tuscany Suites" and the video was excellent… 🙂

  8. Me and my wife stayed there in Nov. of 22 and loved it. Walked to the strip everyday with no issues. We really enjoyed the musicians that played in the lounge. A lot of great talent was there on our visit. Great video.

  9. I used to come to Vegas for fun,but now with all there dang fees,not worth it,want fun and sun,I stay in my state, we have plenty of casino's here,without the waste of getting expensive hotels.

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