Why You Should Not Play Slots At Indian Casinos

At Indian-run casinos, the slots are heavily against you. Why? Because they don’t publish their payout ratios, unlike casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, or other non-Indian casinos. Slots have the worst odds for the player of any game in the house. That’s why there are more of them taking up the most floor space of any other game there. Play them for entertainment, not to make money.

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  1. Your a liar. Native American casino's are no different than Vegas or any other casino. We don't program the slot machines. We don't make the slot machines. And it's not stealing when you take it out of your pocket and do what you do with it. This guy is trying to defame native owned casinos. I'd think what I say carefully if I was you. Native owned casinos are no different than non native owned casinos.

  2. As you would imagine, mention slots and you are going to get a lot of different views, including "I went to one and won money".

    O.K. fair enough, but unless you win a massive jackpot or you only went a couple of times, the facts are, you will lose money in the long run.

    When a local Indian Casino opened up near my house, they were run by a Vegas Casino for a while. The Vegas casino had to report their earnings, even if all the Indian Casinos hide their earnings and payouts. What we learned from the earnings filing was the new casino near my house was the highest grossing casino in America (at that time). Bigger than any massive resort in Vegas when it came to raking in the money.

    I recently got a chance to see what the payout was on ONE machine, which, of course is only one machine, but it was, over the long term of many tens of thousands of dollars, around 60% payout.
    That would mean it was worse than pretty much anything I have ever heard of.

    One more thing, in Nevada, video card games, like video poker must replicate real decks. In other words, they have the same percent of all the cards as a deck of cards, there are not more 2's or 3's or anything else than you would expect. This is by law. The "deck" of cards might be unlimited in size, but does not have extra cards of any face value.

  3. You don't know what you're talking about.
    I'm not being mean…it's just the truth.
    The minimum payouts ARE available if you're not too lazy to homework as a gambler.
    As a matter of FACT…you can always go to the Tribal Commission for more accurate payout percentage than what's available under State and Federal regulations.

    Tribal Casinos shouldn't be getting lambasted by people like you that are spreading false information. It's bad enough your ancestors murdered them, raped them, took their kids away to "educate" them, drove them all to lands that couldn't support them as a people,
    broke just about EVERY SINGLE agreement made with them while STEALING their land using ethnic cleansing in the guise of the "betterment of the nation", and….
    well basically just exterminated their entire way of life because of GREED.

    But hey….
    they are'uh changing aye?

    here's a Florida thingy thing for you to read.
    ((i'd not have you ignorant, and spreading ignorance..or I wouldn't even bother))

    61D-14.038 Percentage Payout and Odds.
    (1) No slot machine game shall be certified for play by a licensed independent test laboratory if the manufacturer’s Payout and Retention (PAR) sheet does not indicate a probable minimum payout percentage of at least eighty-five percent (85%) of all credits played over the mathematical cycle of the game at a ninety-five percent (95%) level of confidence. The licensed independent test laboratory shall test the slot machine to certify that the slot machine game meets the probable minimum payout indicated on its PAR sheet at a ninety-nine percent (99%) level of confidence. The manufacturer or distributor shall also provide a PAR sheet with each slot machine game delivered to a slot machine licensee.
    (a) The game’s player return over the cycle of both the bonus and non-bonus part of the game combined shall conform to this minimum theoretical payout to player;
    (b) The minimum theoretical payout percentage of the game shall be met at all times;
    (c) The minimum theoretical payout percentage of the game shall be met when playing at the lowest end of a non-linear paytable; and
    (d) The licensed independent test laboratory shall provide the minimum and maximum theoretical payout percentage within the certification report for each game. Any alteration of a game shall require a re-evaluation of the minimum theoretical payout percentage.

  4. Smart at a Indian casino is go in with a budget. Get a hit above what you have put in .decide whether to continue to play not going past your limit. But I actually think if you get 2 , 3 or hopefully 5 hundred then get out as fast as you can. Comps are very low so don't chase anything if it comes great don't chase bonuses. Five quick spins keep moving, because you can get more bonuses

  5. Indian casinos are a total sham. I'm not saying the corporate casino world isn't also corrupt, but Indian casinos are very opaque. You might as well piss your money into the ocean.

  6. Competition coming soon from everywhere. Indian casinos in California will lose big as other tribes in Connecticut, New York and elsewhere will be able to compete soon with online remote slots coming real soon. They are already testing it with New Jersey casinos. They have like 12 casinos in New Jersey alone. Now, they assign you a slot machine in a real casino and you can play it with camera so, you can see each spin as it happens. This is a pilot program of New Jersey casinos but, I am sure Las Vegas casinos would love that as well. So, tight slots or loose slots? No gambler wants to play those very tight slots where your monies do not last the first 10 minutes in the casino. What fun is that?

  7. In California ALL the damn Casinos are owned by Indians. If I want to have a chance of winning I must drive 4hrs to Vegas. Now, they are trying to have Online Gambling but the Indians are running ads saying we would cheat kids of school 💰 money. I looked it up. The Indians are giving 2% of their Net! It rubs me when someone uses kids to get millions of gambling money.

  8. I would completely agree. I went to an Indian casino last night and the slots were the tightest I've ever played. It was terrible to play there. You would not win anything. Stay away from Indian casinos. I like to play where the payout percentage is advertised and it's above 90%. Blackhawk, Cripple Creek and Reno are great examples. Indian casinos are a total ripoff. You'll lose considerably more money by gambling at Indian casinos. I had read reviews stating how tight the slots were at that Indian casino and was skeptical about the validity of those reviews. But those reviews were spot on.

    You're providing sound advice here. I don't get why anyone would ever play slots at any Indian casinos, but for the two in Connecticut that disclose payout rates. Those two casinos have payout rates comparable to other corporate casinos at over 90%. But other than those two Indian casinos, gamble elsewhere with your money. You're likely to lose anywhere. But at casinos with payout rates over 90%, you have a pretty good shot at winning as well. That's not true at Indian casinos. Winning at Indian casinos is an extraordinarily rare experience.

  9. Firstly, all casinos are bad as they are designed to steal your money.

    You have to back things up with real hard facts before you go defaming somebody.

    Machines are made by manufacturers. They make the same machines for all casinos. I don't see they make a different machine with a different button they can press to change the odds.

    Machines are regulated by State gaming boards.

    Tell me, EXACTLY, how is an Indian slot machine is different from a Las Vegas slot machine.

  10. John, you are 100% correct. I have been an avid slot player for 20 years. Avoid tribal casinos at all costs. I now play online, found 3 solid casinos and win consistently. There are far better alternatives than tribal casinos!

  11. Tribal casinos in norther Mi and the Upper penninsula are empty, on any given day or night there might be 30 people, how the hell can they keep the doors open and pay what must be hugh gas and electric bills not to mention the help. we are certain they have to have mob backing, money trucks bring cash and take cash, what better way to launder and wash money. And the kicker is they are self regulated, paybacks on slot machines are so low its a joke, they dont care who or how many customers come in the front door, all there money is coming in the back door, just a big front, if they needed customers cash they would let people win and stay and play, this isnt rocket science, no way they can survive on customer money, there isnt any.

  12. Our tribal casino here in Oklahoma contributes to our community, state and schools more then you think AND gambling is not a job, it’s entertainment weather you win or lose and that’s at ANY casino (native owned or not)

  13. Was at Las Vegas July 30, 2021-August 1, 2021. Stayed at MGM Grand. Played slots at Wynn, Paris, MGM Grand and comparing it to San Manuel or Morongo in California, Las Vegas casinos are looser. Almost won the grand prize in a slot at MGM Grand on August 1, 2021 on the way back home. Ended up getting the Mini-Jackpot. I had 2 each of Grand Prize, 2 Major Prize, 1 Maxi Prize, 2 Mini, 2 Minor and ended up opening a Mini. A shame as the Grand Prize was $10,000 and I had a times 4 multiplier. That would have been $40,000. Instead, I hit for $20 x 4 or $80. This was a penny slot and I was playing $0.88 a spin.

  14. San Manuel Casino in California bought Palms Casino in Las Vegas. Now, they have to put out their payout percentages. I imagine their slots at the Palms would be way looser because other Las Vegas casinos just nearby to compete against them. They cannot pull the crap they do to slot players in California. If they do, slot players have lots of casinos in Las Vegas to play at.

  15. Gaming commission state or tribal are super corrupt and will take under the table bribes or just pay off the monthly fine of $50k because it's cheaper than paying out wins.

  16. You are wrong. Tribes have agreements with the state on payback percentages. The lower end may be lower on some machines, but the higher percentages exists as well. Casinos change these odds on a periodic basis, sometimes hourly. If these percentages were universally set low they would be breaking their agreement with the state and let's face it, people wouldn't play. It's not a good business model. The biggest mistake slot players make is staying on a machine that isn't paying, thinking it is "due to hit', which is a myth. If a machine isn't paying, go to another machine that might be paying.

  17. You could find out the pay out, take $500.00 to a dollar machine and cycle the bank roll through a dollar machine. after playing 500 times take the money out and go to another dollar machine and do the same thing, do that with five dollar slot machines then you will be able to figure out the pay out yourself.

  18. My mom's friend she met at her usual casino goes and plays at least 2-5k per visit. Says she loses her ass off… they are used to taking her money right away. She keeps coming back. 🙁
    I told her to buy a slot machine(s) and a PS5 for "Entertainment Only".
    People don't play this crazy to be entertained. They play to hopefully win big.
    Well maybe if you just got so much money you are bored with yourself, maybe then it's "entertainment value" lol 😆

  19. Especially, Oklahoma casinos like Winstar and Choctaw. When you get a bonus , leave the machine otherwise machine will take it all back … 😳😳
    When Winstar casino offer you free room, watchout 🤔🤔🤔Their slots are gonna be very tight in those days. 🙁🙁

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